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Ace Adventure Kicks Off School Year

Posted on by WSM Middle School

IMG_0351Ace Adventure was a really fun way to kick off our year and show the seventh graders what Middle School is all about. Middle School is about team building and working together. Middle School is about making new friends and pushing yourself to take one more step even when you feel like you can’t. And the best part about it all is that your friends are right there behind you every step of the way. Middle School at West Side Montessori is amazing. Everybody is so encouraging and helpful.

I just started going to West Side in sixth grade. I thought it would be tough to make new friends since everybody else had been together practically their whole life. But that was totally not the case. Everybody was so welcoming and they treated me as if I had been here for my whole life too. Now, it’s my eighth grade year and I have only been here for two years. Yet, those kids that were once strangers to me are now not only my friends but they are part of me. They are family, and I will never forget them.

~ Parker

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