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Emerald Room News

Tricia Miller-Purvis

Tricia Miller-Purvis

Jenni Miller

Jenni Miller

Emerald Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Perrysburg Campus. Jenni Miller and Tricia Miller-Purvis are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Children in the Sapphire and Emerald rooms were very busy peeling apples to make crockpot applesauce.



Our study of land, air, and water in the morning was studied more in depth in our afternoon studies.  Each child started by making their own land and water map, using sandpaper to represent the land (continents).  This was also an extension of rough (the land) and smooth (the water) concepts that were presented in the morning.  We then moved on to categorizing objects to if they moved on/through the land, air, or water.  Many of our early activities also included a good deal of focus on fine motor work, especially cutting and pin pushing.  An example of this is the continent map where the Kindergarteners pin pushed out each continent and created their own map.  Fine motor skills and handwriting will continue to be focused on throughout the Kindergarten year.

French lessons in the afternoons for the Kindergarteners have also begun.  Leah (who also teaches Spanish in the morning) teaches large group time followed by additional small group lessons every Thursday afternoon.  Leah also provides French work choices that remain on the shelf just like other work choices in the classroom.

pink towerTuesday, Sept. 30 • 8:30 a.m.
at Perrysburg Campus

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Join Head of School, Lynn Fisher, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 8:30 a.m. as she unlocks the secrets of how an authentic Montessori program works. Little House & Children’s House parents are invited to attend this presentation at the Perrysburg Campus. Come and discover your child’s super powers!

Make plans to come, meet other parents, and learn more about the Montessori method.

The children in the Sapphire and Emerald rooms have started off the school year by settling into their daily routines and meeting new friends.  The children are learning to become more independent by working on self-help skills and completing the “work cycle” (choosing work, completing work at a table or rug, and returning to the proper curriculum area shelf).

The following  work was presented:

Practical Life-Encourages coordination, confidence, independence and order

*Pouring, spooning, tonging

3 year old sponge squeezing.  This develops hand muscles to prepare a child for pencil grip.

3 year old sponge squeezing. This develops hand muscles to prepare a child for pencil grip.

*Fava Beans-finding the colored jewels

*Catching your sneeze/cough

*Grace and Courtesy-responsibility and respect

Sensorial-Provides specific tools to aid development of intelligence

*Red Rods, Pink Cubes, Brown Prisms

*Introduction to Geometric Solids: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder

*Color Tablets- Box 1: Primary Color Matching, Box 2: Secondary Color Matching


4 year old working with numerical rods and numerals

4 year old working with
numerical rods and numerals

*Numerical Rods and numerals

*Bead Stair


*Metal Inserts-pre-writing

*Handwriting Without Tears Introduction: Shaking hands, names of wood pieces (Big and little line, Big and little curve), Mat Man (using wood pieces to make a person).


*Sandpaper Globe and Continent Globe

*Land, Air and Water jars with labels

*Land, Air and Water: Object to objects matching, object to picture matching, and picture to picture matching

*Contient puzzle map and control map, introduction of hemispheres

*Contient Song

3 year old Handwashing

3 year old