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Opal Classroom News


Shannon Schlumbohm

Joanna Harwell

Joanna Harwell

Opal Room is a Little House classroom for ages 13 months to 3 years old  on the Perrysburg Campus. Joanna Harwell and Shannon Schlumbohm are the classroom’s co-teachers.

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We have many new additions to our shelves that tie in with the season.  We have a basket with five small pumpkins in it for the children to enjoy acting out a favorite book,  Five Little Pumpkins.  We have added leaves and pumpkin stamper prints to our art shelves.  Our most popular work right now is Pumpkin scrubbing.  There are many steps to this work.


1.  The child begins by putting on an apron, alone or with teachers help.

2.   Next, the child carries a small pitcher over to the sink to fill with water.

3.  Third, the child carries the pitcher carefully back to the basin, using hand-eye coordination.

4.  Then, the child pours the water on the pumpkin inside the basin.

5.   Fifth, the child selects a scrubber and rubs it over a bar of soap.

6.  Finally, the child scrubs the pumpkin with the brush until it’s all soapy.

7.  When finished, the child will take the apron off and hang it on the hook to show that he or she is finished.  And now ready for the next child to use.

During this process the child might spill a little water on the way to the basin.  The child then cleans up the spill with a mop or towel.

We have been singing some new songs at circle time in honor of Halloween and autumn.  Here are the words to a favorite.

Fly Little Bat

Fly, fly, fly little bat.

Fly, fly, fly little bat.

Fly, fly fly little bat.

Halloween is here.

Creep, creep, creep little cat….

Stomp, stomp, stomp little monster…..

Crawl, crawl, crawl little spider…..

Dance, dance, dance little skeleton….

Float, float, float little ghost….

Feel free to sing the song with your child at home!


As the weather gets cooler we would like to share with you the process that we use for helping a toddler put on his or her coat.

1.  Lay the coat on the floor with the tag side up against the child’s feet.  You may hear him say, “Tag to your toes.”IMG_20140926_102537727_HDR


2.  He then will place his hands into the sleeves and grab the cuffs.


3.  He will then lift both arms into the air and the coat automatically “flips” on.


4.  The last step is bring the zippers together to zip up, which we help with.  Many are even trying to do this on their own!


A big topic that we have been talking about is the change of seasons. Children are on the prowl for changing leaves when we visit the playground.  Leaves are being collected and soon we will begin raking them and jumping into the piles.  Indoors we have been busy pouring, matching, counting and stamping leaves.


A favorite song at circle time is There Are Four Seasons.

There are four seasons, seasons, seasons,

and I can name them all,

Winter, summer, spring, and fall.




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at Perrysburg Campus

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Join Head of School, Lynn Fisher, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 8:30 a.m. as she unlocks the secrets of how an authentic Montessori program works. Little House & Children’s House parents are invited to attend this presentation at the Perrysburg Campus. Come and discover your child’s super powers!

Make plans to come, meet other parents, and learn more about the Montessori method.

Things are looking up in the Opal Room. Children are settling in and are getting used to the routine of the classroom. We continue to add more work to our shelves as the children show they are ready for it. We start the year with very little work out so children can get the basics of our routine down. As children master the simpler work, we then get out more difficult work to keep them challenged. Our shelves have an order to them as well, simplest work on the left leading to the more difficult work on the right. Our practical life area began with simple pouring and spooning activities. We have added tongs and will add a ladle into the mix for children to practice their fine motor skills.

We have recently added stamping, chalk and sticker work to our art area. The sticker work that comes home with your child is the product of a great deal of effort. The child must use intense concentration and fine motor control to peel the sticker from the back of the paper and put it on the square art paper. Sometimes the sticker does not make it to the paper as we quite often see children struggle to retrieve a sticker stuck to the art mat, table, or themselves!
A friendly reminder to parents to label your child’s jacket. We have been spending time out on the playground, where the children get a chance to socialize with one another and work on their gross motor skills.
Looking forward to watching the children grow and learn as the year goes on.