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Opal Classroom News


Shannon Schlumbohm

Joanna Harwell

Joanna Harwell

Opal Room is a Little House classroom for ages 13 months to 3 years old  on the Perrysburg Campus. Joanna Harwell and Shannon Schlumbohm are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Things are looking up in the Opal Room. Children are settling in and are getting used to the routine of the classroom. We continue to add more work to our shelves as the children show they are ready for it. We start the year with very little work out so children can get the basics of our routine down. As children master the simpler work, we then get out more difficult work to keep them challenged. Our shelves have an order to them as well, simplest work on the left leading to the more difficult work on the right. Our practical life area began with simple pouring and spooning activities. We have added tongs and will add a ladle into the mix for children to practice their fine motor skills.

We have recently added stamping, chalk and sticker work to our art area. The sticker work that comes home with your child is the product of a great deal of effort. The child must use intense concentration and fine motor control to peel the sticker from the back of the paper and put it on the square art paper. Sometimes the sticker does not make it to the paper as we quite often see children struggle to retrieve a sticker stuck to the art mat, table, or themselves!
A friendly reminder to parents to label your child’s jacket. We have been spending time out on the playground, where the children get a chance to socialize with one another and work on their gross motor skills.
Looking forward to watching the children grow and learn as the year goes on.

The Opal Room is getting off to a great start as children are getting used to the routine of the classroom.  Each day we see more smiles as children arrive, which is very promising.  Returning children have been of great assistance helping new friends feel comfortable at school.  We are catching children rubbing backs and bringing tissues to weepy friends.  We love having our role models help one another out.  Just a year ago they too were in need of that comfort.

We begin the year trying to set the example of choosing work from shelves, taking it to a table or rug, and then putting it away when finished.  We are all working very hard to complete the work cycle.  You may be hearing your child say “my work” at home.  This phrase is encouraged within the classroom to express ownership to something that one child may be working on so others may respect that space.  Using our words to get our feelings across to others rather than using our hands to push others away from our work space is a very successful technique.  It is amazing how soon each child understands and uses this concept within their environment.

This week we welcomed all new students to the Opal Room with our orientation days.  It has been so much fun meeting everyone and helping children become more comfortable in our classroom.  Our new crocodile rocking toy has been a fun addition that children are enjoying taking a turn on.  Children that start back next week will be able to meet him soon!