Opal Classroom News

Shannon Schlumbohm

Megan Craig

Opal Room is a Little House classroom for ages 13 months to 22 Months on the Perrysburg Campus. Megan Craig and Shannon Schlumbohm are the classroom’s co-teachers.



Children are really enjoying our new way of exploring sandpaper numbers.  First a child counts out two spoonfuls of Cheerios into a small bowl.  She then selects a sandpaper number and places it on the tray.  She then traces along the texture of the number with her finger.  She picks up the Cheerios one by one and places them along the printed number.  When she covers the sandpaper number she then gets to do the best part… eat the Cheerios!IMG_20160428_084113728_TOP

In other news, we are now using a glue stick in the art area.  Children are learning the order of the traffic light colors along with what the colors represent at circle through songs.  We have added a printed traffic light that children use the glue stick to stick on circles of red, yellow, and green.


We have added a movement area to our classroom!  Currently, children are very busy using their large muscles to lift up a heavy jug of colored water and placing it on top of a rolling scooter.  The child then pushes the scooter with both hands, steering it along a lined path on the floor.  They follow the line to the end and then turn their body around to push the scooter back to the rug.  This work takes so much patience and hard effort.  They are enjoying it very much.


Perrysburg campus had special visitors from Molly’s Irish Dancers in the great room today.  We got to watch both soft and hard shoe dance performances.  The children really enjoyed watching the show.  Many children were clapping along with the music.  What a fun experience to have!

We are enjoying the warm up in weather and are loving playground time again.  In such a short time, we are seeing children become more adventurous and also so much more stable and balanced while playing on the structures.  Some have even started pedaling tricycles.

We look forward to meeting with you at conferences this week.

New to our room are sea animals of all shapes and sizes.  Children are busy matching whale species to photographs, pairing up fish by patterns, and learning the names of many types of sea life.  We are hearing our little ones say some bigger words than just the basic term “fish”.  One tiny one said “dolphin” just as clear as could be, when completing a puzzle.  If you hear “chambered nautilus” at home, we are singing about them at circle time in our sea life song.  They laugh each time we sing it, as it does sound like a nonsense word.  We added a fishing pole and magnetic fish to our water table and children are really enjoying catching the fish.

The art area has brought on the addition of Flubber, an oozy substance that children can touch, cut, and flatten.  They love experiencing the new texture.  Markers will be added to the art area in coming days.