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Opal Classroom News

Shannon Schlumbohm

Shannon Schlumbohm

Joanna Harwell

Joanna Harwell

Opal Room is a Little House classroom for ages 13 months to 3 years old  on the Perrysburg Campus. Joanna Harwell and Shannon Schlumbohm are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Pink Cube Extension: building Pink Cubes then cutting, pasting 10  cubes largest to smallest.

Pink Cube Extension: building Pink Cubes then cutting, pasting 10 cubes largest to smallest.

Children turning 3 by August 1, 2015 are visiting the Children’s House classrooms on Friday, Feb. 6 OR Monday, Feb. 9.

  • Would you love to see what a Children’s House classroom looks like?
  • Do you wonder what sort of work choices and Montessori materials are in a Children’s House classroom?
  • Are you curious how 3’s, 4’s and Kindergartners can be in the same classroom?

Students who regularly attend school on Wednesday-Friday will visit Children’s House on Friday, Feb. 6. Students who regularly attend school on Monday-Tuesday or Monday-Friday will visit on Monday, Feb. 9.

Parents will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Perrysburg Campus for conversation about the Children’s House program.  Little House teachers will walk your child to the Children’s House classrooms at 9 a.m. Your child will explore the work choices with a Children’s House child as his/her personal tour guide. Parents will tour and observe the classrooms with a Children’s House teacher.

Please R.S.V.P. to Brandi Parcell at (419) 874-9385 or

Each passing week we are seeing children increasingly improve upon their fine motor skills.  Markers are carefully being held in tiny fingers as children use their helper hand to press metal insets against a piece of paper and art mat.  Children are using the marker to trace along the shape of the inset.  This is a big accomplishment for a toddler!  Bracelets are being made with a pipe cleaner and small beads.  So much concentration is needed along with a little hand/eye coordination to line up the tiny opening in the bead to the tip of the pipe cleaner.  Whether your child is coming home with a bracelet with one bead or twenty, just know that they worked so very hard to string them.


A reminder that if the weather allows it and the temperature is not too low we will be trying to get out and get some fresh air.  Send in snow pants, boots, etc. inside the backpack and we’ll keep them in there for when we need them.

Welcome back!!!    There has been a lot of new work put out on the shelf.  Community workers have been a popular choice as the children are able to match the construction workers, postal worker, dentist, doctors to the corresponding picture cards and name them.  We have some police officer hats, fireman hats that the children enjoy wearing as they work about the room.

Dinosaurs have been added to the science shelf for children to match objects to pictures.  Although they are not able to say the long words of Stegosaurus or Triceratops they seem very intrigued that each dinosaur has a different name.   The children are picking the figurines up and exploring the sharp teeth and spiky textures exploring their features from head to toe.  photo

This is a child using a toothbrush and floss on a set of teeth we have out on our practical life shelf.



Why do we use broken crayons?  Little pieces promote fingertip control and strength.  They encourage the precise pinch that’s used for crayons and pencils.  There is research to show that starting with small pieces encourages the correct grasp.  So don’t throw away those broken crayons!  You are helping your child start with the correct grip.

With the cold weather upon us we are working very hard on keeping germs to a minimum.  Part of this process is to encourage our children to wipe their own noses.  Encouraging and teaching our children how to care for themselves is another step toward their independence.  When a child is in need of a tissue a teacher will guide a child to a tissue box that is placed in front of a mirror.  We help the child to take a tissue and have them watch themselves wipe their noses in front of the mirror.  After the child wipes their noses, they are sent to the sink to was the germs away from their hands.  We encourage parents to help with this process at home as well.  We are also trying to encourage the children to catch their cough by coughing into their sleeves.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to encourage your little ones to put on their own coats.  It is tremendous help when they can do it themselves.  You can hear them exclaim,  “I did it!”

We would like to remind you to send proper outdoor attire with your children.  Please continue to label hats, mittens, snow boots and coats.