Pearl Classroom News

Jean Miller

Dawn Ballard

Pearl Room is a Little House classroom for 23 months to 3 years old on the Perrysburg Campus. Dawn Ballard and Jean Miller are the classroom’s co-teachers.



As we are well into the season of colds and flu, please encourage self-care skills at home. Taking your child to the mirror so they can see themselves as they wipe their own noses will give them great practice! Also, encourage them to cough and sneeze into their sleeves to prevent the germs from spreading. Hand washing is so important in preventing the spread of germs. Encourage your child to wash hands after using tissues and after every toilet/diaper change. A simple song to help with hand washing is as followed:

Wash, wash, wash your hands,

Wash the germs away,

Watch the suds go down the drain,

So germs do not stay!

Good Morning Families,

This morning we had a practice Lock Down Drill.  So if your child says they took a “field trip” to the basement, that is why.

The new and “like new” Teddy Bear collection drive is taking place through Friday, February 12th.

Please remember to send outdoor apparel for your child, especially as the weather warms up (hopefully!) as the week progresses.  Snow boots and pants are utilized by Children’s House students.

In February, remember to check out your child’s pointillism art work inspired by Seurat, on display at the Way Public Library.

The Emerald Room invites you to join them in collecting new or like new Teddy Bears to be donated to traumatized children and the forgotten elderly.  Teddy Bears collected will be taken to Zoar Lutheran Church where the women’s group “The Popcorn Gang” is heading up the collection.  They are working with the “Good Bears of the World”  organization with the intention of easing loneliness and inspiring love and compassion through gifts of Teddy Bears.  Some will go to firemen and EMT workers to carry on fire trucks and rescue squads to help calm and console victims of fires, accidents, and other tragedies.  Others will be given to families of terrorist attacks, and victims of school tragedies, domestic violence victims and others.  For each Teddy Bear donated, “Good Bears of the World” will match the gift.  Collection baskets will be available in the office starting Tuesday, January 19 through Friday, February 12.  Remember bears do not have to be new, just like new.  Teddy Bears only please.


Graham's Foundation logo

Dear Perrysburg families,

This year, Perrysburg Campus will be supporting Graham’s Foundation for our 3rd annual Thanks and Giving Celebration. Graham’s Foundation, founded by current West Side parents Nick and Jennifer Hall, is in celebration of their son, Graham. Graham and his twin sister, Reece (a Lower Elementary student) were born 15 weeks premature. Reece was in the hospital for four months before she was able to come home. Graham lived for 45 short days. Graham’s Foundation empowers parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve the outcomes for their preemies and themselves. We are looking forward to sharing with the children an act of great kindness and the gift of giving to those in need. One way Graham’s Foundation supports parents of preemies is to give NICU (neonatal intensive-care unit) Care Packages. Our goal is to collect 100 new children’s books that can be included in the care packages from today until November 23rd. Says Jennifer, “One of the many challenges of having a baby born early is that the nurses and doctors seem to provide all of the care for your baby, and as a parent you are left feeling helpless. When Reece and Graham were in the NICU, we looked for ways to parent and to make sure that they knew us. One of the ways we did that was by reading. We read books aloud by their isolettes. We didn’t know if it would make a difference, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt, and we knew one thing – it helped us. We felt as if we were doing something. It helped us feel as if we were doing something typical.” We will be donating the books to Graham’s Foundation at our Thanks and Giving Celebration Sing-A-Long on Tuesday, November 18th , beginning at 10:45 a.m. in the Great Room. We would love to have you join your children, Nick, and Jennifer in this special celebration. Please feel free to bring siblings not in school, grandparents and anyone else who wishes to share in this tradition! Thank you for supporting our Thanks and Giving Celebration!

Sincerely, Perrysburg Teachers and Staff

“We shall walk together on a path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” -Maria Montessori