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Pearl Classroom News

Jean Miller

Jean Miller

Dawn Ballard

Dawn Ballard

Pearl Room is a Little House classroom for 13 months to 3 years old on the Perrysburg Campus. Dawn Ballard and Jean Miller are the classroom’s co-teachers.

As the cool weather creeps upon us, we’d like to point out the art of a toddler putting on his/her coat.  You may encourage your child to follow these simple steps at home to be consistent with us at school.  This trick is very easy to do and the best part of the experience is that it is accomplished by the child!

DSCN1128[1] 1. Lay the coat on the floor or table with the tag side up against the child’s feet or tummy. You may hear your child say “tag to toe” or “tag to tummy”.



DSCN1129[1] 2. The child then places hands into each sleeve and grabs the cuff.



DSCN1133[1]3. The child lifts both arms into the air and the coat automatically “flips” on.



DSCN1149[1] 4. The coat is now on and all that is needed is zipping up the coat.

Autumn is in air in the Pearl Room.  We have many new additions to our shelves that tie in with the season. There are many activities on the practical life shelf that involve sorting, spooning, tonging, and pouring Halloween items. We have an activity out on a work table where children hang small Halloween ornaments on a festive tree.  We have a basket of Halloween nesting dolls.  We also have a basket with five little pumpkins in it for the children to enjoy acting out a favorite book, Five Little Pumpkins,001 which we have already been reciting during circle time. But, our most complex new work is pumpkin scrubbing. It is fun to watch the children think through all the steps in this activity; not to mention, scrubbing is another wonderful activity to get a small child ready for writing by using the circular motion in their wrists.


pink towerTuesday, Sept. 30 • 8:30 a.m.
at Perrysburg Campus

Montessori education is designed to maximize development of your young child’s brain power. How?

Join Head of School, Lynn Fisher, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 8:30 a.m. as she unlocks the secrets of how an authentic Montessori program works. Little House & Children’s House parents are invited to attend this presentation at the Perrysburg Campus. Come and discover your child’s super powers!

Make plans to come, meet other parents, and learn more about the Montessori method.


Children are learning to sit in group with the help of fruit.


Group conversations develop with open ended questions like is the fruit rough or smooth? Is the fruit light like the kiwi  or heavy like the pineapple?


Using our senses, children are exploring various types of fruit.

Welcome to all  the parents and children of the Pearl Room! Our year is getting off to a busy start as the students are all beginning to settle in and explore the classroom.  Tears are common at first, but will become less as the weeks pass and children feel more comfortable with their surroundings and with the routine of the morning.

Many are interested in what another child chooses and we are beginning to hear them use their words, “my work”.  Some children understand and some are not quite sure what that means.  We are encouraging words instead of grabbing the work from another child.  We gently try to re-direct the child who may not have grasped the concept that the other child would like to do this work alone.

We are also working on trying to help them learn the work cycle of choosing work and then putting it away when they are finished.  They are catching on very quickly and some don’t have to be reminded.

Potty time has already been a big part of our day as many of the children are either in the process of training or very interested in the toilet.  We would like to suggest “child friendly” clothing, making it easier for them to pull up or down themselves.  We encourage each child to do all he/she can by himself/herself and thus, take another step toward independence.

Snack time is off to a great start.  We begin by having each child wash his hands and then get a place mat.  The children put their hands in their laps and wait patiently for the napkin basket to be passed around.  When everyone is seated and ready, we begin by singing our community song.  The words are as follows:                                                                                                                   Look around and you will see (hands shade eyes)                                                                           Community (arms wide open), a family (arms cross chest).                                                             We are brothers, sisters too (arms open slowly).

After singing our song, we go around and ask if each child would like water to drink. They are doing amazing at using their eyes and pouring very carefully with the spout. Very soon the children will be passing snack bowls around and serving themselves.

The children are getting familiar with circle time and are encouraged to sit.  You may be hearing some old favorites or even some new songs coming home with your little one.  Along with songs, stories are read.  This is a fun way to start to prepare your child for lesson learning at the Children’s House level.

We look forward to a very exciting year with you and your child.

                                                                                       – Dawn and Jean