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Pearl Classroom News

Jean Miller

Jean Miller

Dawn Ballard

Dawn Ballard

Pearl Room is a Little House classroom for 13 months to 3 years old on the Perrysburg Campus. Dawn Ballard and Jean Miller are the classroom’s co-teachers.

It’s hard to believe that Spring has finally sprung! The children have all been anxious to strip off their winter gear and run freely in the field. Even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating the way we would like it to, we are going out to play daily. Please dress your child accordingly ( in layers).  The older children are also starting to visit the Children’s House playground in the morning. They are enjoying having the opportunity to explore the bigger space and structure.

Next week we will begin our lesson on primary color mixing. This is a fun, hands on  learning exercise where children will discover that when two primary colors are mixed together, a new secondary color will be made. Children will be mixing both water and paint during this lesson.

We look forward to spending the month of May with all of our wonderful Grandparents and “Special Friends”. Please don’t forget to remind them all that Friday, May 8th is for our Wednesday through Friday group only and that Monday, May 11th is for our Monday through Friday and Monday/ Tuesday group.

Don’t forget about our wonderful Summer Camp program.It’s a great opportunity to continue the routine of our  Montessori philosophy this summer !


First Thursday

You are invited to learn more about Little House and Children’s House through West Side Montessori’s First Thursday program on Thursday, March 5, at either Perrysburg or Toledo Campus.

Potty Training:
Little House shares its tips & tricks!
Thursday, March 5
8:30-9:30 a.m.
Perrysburg Campus

Unchild-proof Your Home
Thursday, March 5
8:30-9:30 a.m. or 3:45-4:45 p.m.
Toledo Campus

Come learn how opening up your home to your child(ren) will give them the gifts of independence, respect, understanding, and self confidence. It will decrease frustration levels and negative behaviors, too.

These monthly parent education programs are presented by WSM teachers and open to the public.

Pink Cube Extension: building Pink Cubes then cutting, pasting 10  cubes largest to smallest.

Pink Cube Extension: building Pink Cubes then cutting, pasting 10 cubes largest to smallest.

Children turning 3 by August 1, 2015 are visiting the Children’s House classrooms on Friday, Feb. 6 OR Monday, Feb. 9.

  • Would you love to see what a Children’s House classroom looks like?
  • Do you wonder what sort of work choices and Montessori materials are in a Children’s House classroom?
  • Are you curious how 3’s, 4’s and Kindergartners can be in the same classroom?

Students who regularly attend school on Wednesday-Friday will visit Children’s House on Friday, Feb. 6. Students who regularly attend school on Monday-Tuesday or Monday-Friday will visit on Monday, Feb. 9.

Parents will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Perrysburg Campus for conversation about the Children’s House program.  Little House teachers will walk your child to the Children’s House classrooms at 9 a.m. Your child will explore the work choices with a Children’s House child as his/her personal tour guide. Parents will tour and observe the classrooms with a Children’s House teacher.

Please R.S.V.P. to Brandi Parcell at (419) 874-9385 or

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With so many of our little ones interested in the art area, we are finding that a lesson in proper pencil grip technique or the tripod grip now needs to be shown.   Like so many of our other fine motor abilities, crayon and pencil grip has to be taught.  Young children are very pliable and can learn good habits early on. It has been found that with very small tools children are less likely to hold them inappropriately and there is less room for error. We know how beautiful a new crayon box is , but realistically we are not setting our children up for success. So, we are giving permission to go ahead and break them! A successful child is a confident child.  The Tripod grip is being shown during circle with this helpful song:

Pick up a crayon, Pick up a crayon, This is easy to do                                                               Pick up a crayon, Pick up a crayon, I just tell my fingers what to do
My thumb is bent, Pointer points to the tip, Tall Man uses his side
I tuck my last two fingers in and take them for a ride
Now I’m holding it just right,But not too tight, Every finger knows what to do
And now I have a big surprise, A big surprise for you
Let’s drop it and do it again!