Pioneer Day 2015

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Bluebird students had the opportunity to experience a morning similar to what the pioneers may have experienced on a daily basis! We had a sing-along and cooking demonstration outside that all of the Lower Elementary classes were able to experience together. We combined the ingredients that the students had begun to prepare the day before: carrots, potatoes, celery, chicken, and stock.

We then went back to Bluebird and experienced a few stations mostly revolving around the needs of humans. We had a kitchen station where students experienced grinding corn, making butter, and making noodles to be added to our soup. Another station revolved around building and the homes in which they might have lived. This station involved the making of craft-stick homes and the choice to use Lincoln Logs to build a log structure. There was also a clothing station in which students could choose to sew a pocket or learn to knit. Since the pioneers did not have pockets in their clothing, they would have tied or strapped on a small pocket after their clothing was on in order to carry supplies and belongings. The toys and games station involved playing pioneer games and making rag dolls. The students were also able to use their freshly-made butter on a snack of cornbread with jam. Yum!

We explained to the students that in their time, pilgrims and pioneers would not have been able to just go to their store to buy vegetables, chicken, noodles, broth, clothes, etc. They would have made this all by hand, homemade all of their food, grown the vegetables, and raised the animals for meat. We heard many comments when we first explained this concept to the students during the days leading up to Pioneer Day. Some of the comments included, “It would be fun to live like a pioneer!” and “It would be fun to make everything homemade!” This particular fun morning that we had in our classroom gave just a bit of a look into what parts of their life might have been like. By the end of the morning, we heard comment such as

  • “This is hard to do!”
  • “I’m glad I didn’t live then. They didn’t have radios to tell us that tornadoes are coming!”
  • “Making butter is hard work!”

Thank you to those that brought in donations and to the parents and volunteers that made this event possible! We had a lot of fun and are so thankful that you help us to give the students the experience that this day entailed. We couldn’t have pulled off this day without you; it is sure to be an experience that the children will never forget! See the gallery for some pictures of this fun event!

Pioneer Day Pictures

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