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Practical Life

Posted on by Poplar

New practical life work has been added to the classroom!  The children are very excited about the new additions.  We have been painting at the easel with one color paint and stamps for quite some time.  Something needed to be done to ignite the interest of the Poplar room friends once again.  We added the primary colors to the easel and let the creations start rolling!  Beautiful paintings are being created and new colors are being made using the primary colors.  Wood polishing is also new to our shelves and the smell of clean wood is travelling from nose to nose.  The brown prisms have never been so shiny!  Last but not least, vintage rubber band boards are very popular in Poplar Room!  The child uses their pincer grasp and pulls the rubber band from one nail across the board to another.  Beautiful!!!  One child is so engrossed in this work that she is currently making her own board using a piece of wood we found outside, nails, and a hammer.  We can not wait to see the end result.

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