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Raising Raisins Experiment

Posted on by Poplar

We changed gears this week and placed our scientist hats on.  As the children arrived in the classroom, before them sat a vase of blue water, (half full), a cup with baking soda in it, raisins, and a bottle of vinegar.  What are we doing???  As we continued…the oooh’s and ahhh’s began.  The children were split into 5 small groups where one kindergartner led the experiment with written directions.  Following each experiment, the children drew what they saw and journaled about their observation.  The directions for the experiment are here for you to try at home…


A pint glass

Warm water


Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)

White Vinegar

Food coloring


Fill the glass half full with warm water

Add a drop of food coloring to tint the water. (This has no scientific bearing on the experiment other than I like things to look pretty!)

Add two heaped teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda.

Add a few raisins

Put the glass in a tray (just in case is overflows!)

Top of with white vinegar (I would pour slowly if I were you…)

Watch the effect

You should see the raisins begin to rise and fall

The science bit…

The vinegar and bicarbonate of soda reacted to form carbon dioxide as one of the products. The carbon dioxide bubbles collect over the many surfaces of the raisin. Because carbon dioxide is lighter than water it rises to the top and takes the raisin with it. As the bubbles pop at the surface the raisin descends, only to be covered in bubbles gain at the bottom until the reaction finishes.

We watch as the raisins begin to "dance."

We watch as the raisins begin to “dance.”


A child from each Children's House class collaborate on the Raising Raisins experiment.

A child from each Children’s House class collaborate on the Raising Raisins experiment.


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