Respect and Resolution in Montessori School!

Posted on by Helena Eddings

Montessori students learn to celebrate their differences.

It’s not unusual to find a very diverse group of students in a Montessori school, and the differences among them can be cultural, physical — even cognitive. Regardless of those differences, we believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, which is why respect, grace, and courtesy represent teachable moments across every subject and aspect of a Montessori education.

Learning about other cultures builds a foundation for respect at home.

When our students learn about people, places, food, clothing, cultures, and celebrations from around the world, they’re also learning how to be curious about our differences and celebrate the beauty between them. The curiosity and understanding that our students build through celebrating other cultures also make it much easier for them to show respect for the differences among their own classmates, instead of making fun of them for being different or being afraid of the things they don’t understand.

Role-playing builds social skills and confidence.

As part of our curriculum, we teach grace, courtesy, and how to come to the aid of a friend, so that our students can learn to communicate with one another in ways that are respectful and appropriate. To help them become more confident in dealing with stressful situations, we often have students role-play their way through a wide variety of social situations and conflicts, so they have a well of concrete experience to draw from when they encounter those situations in real life.

Montessori teachers don’t just resolve conflicts – they teach conflict resolution.

When a conflict arises and it’s necessary for a Montessori teacher to step in, the way the teacher handles it provides the students with a healthy example of how to deal with such conflicts on their own in the future. The teacher will take the students somewhere private if necessary to avoid embarrassing them in front of their classmates, and then ask the students to use some of the problem-solving skills they’ve learned, like taking turns talking and using “I” statements, to express their perspective and feelings to one another. Once the immediate conflict is resolved, if necessary, the teacher and the students will continue to work together to find a long-term resolution.


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