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Rose Room Report

Posted on by Rose

The next few Rose Reports will focus on the materials in each area of the room.  This report we will discuss Math area.

Our shelves are arranged from left to right and top to bottom.  This left to right and top to bottom arrangement prepares the children for reading.  We start with the most simple activities and progress to more difficult ones.

rosepuzzlesIn our math area we begin with a simple shape sorter.  Circle, triangle, square and rectangle are represented in the current shaper sorter.  Next we have a shape puzzle that introduces hexagon, octagon, pentagon, oval and star.  Our last shape work is a peg work.  The children match the colored shapes to the colored pegs.

The next shelf has number work.  Here we have a 0-9 puzzle, a 1-3 peg work and a 0-5 matching work.  0 is a complex idea for toddlers to learn.  But many of the Rose children are enjoying this tricky work!

Our last shelf in the Math area is full of Science work.  We have 5 pumpkins for counting (and singing the song), we have a basket filled with a turtle shell, rabbit fur and a sea star.  Our last basket is filled with rocks and a magnifying glass.  The children enjoy looking at one another with the magnifying glass, too!


Thank you all for the wonderful parent/teacher conferences last week.  We hope you left with a better understanding of your child’s day. If you ever have any questions or concerns please email us at

Notes & Reminders

  • Welcome to our new students, Miryam and Ashyr!
  • Friday, Nov. 15 is Movie Night!  The PACC is sponsoring family movie night at the Maumee Indoor Theater.  The movie will be Monsters University.  Come enjoy a movie with your teachers and friends!
  • Tuesday, Nov.  26 is the last day of school before Thanksgiving break
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