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The end of October led the Sassafras room to the study of the human skeleton. The children learned how important our bones are to hold our body up. Without our bones we wouldn’t be able to move around or even stand! We learned the names of several of our bones through various songs. The children had opportunities to make their own skeleton book, pin push a skull bone, and put together a giant puzzle of human x‐rays.


The students were able to demonstrate all they had learned about our skeleton at the Skeleton Party! There were several art projects where they could create skeletons and even prepare a skeleton snack. We finished the day with a sing‐along, led by Risa, with the other Children’s House rooms!


Our study of skeletons continued as we learned that having a backbone makes us vertebrates. We looked at pictures of skeletons of a reptile, amphibian, mammal, bird and fish, realizing that all these types of animals have backbones and are vertebrates as well!

Our geography unit brought us to the study of the seven continents on our earth. We presented the painted globe, which shows the seven continents, each represented by a different color.

Sassafras11-4We made the connection between a globe of our earth and a map of our earth by creating our own globe in front of the children. Using blue play dough we made a globe, adding different colors of play dough to represent the continents. We reviewed our definition of a sphere, and taught the children how we can cut the play dough globe in half to make two hemispheres. After cutting the globe in half, we flattened the two pieces onto the table, explaining how Antarctica and a little bit of Asia end up on both hemispheres. Pulling out our puzzle continent map, the children were able to see how it looked exactly like our two play dough hemispheres! This lesson is really neat in that it shows the children how our earth is represented on a flat map. The children have enjoyed exploring our earth through several activities.

We want to thank all the parents for coming in for conferences last week. We love having your children in the Sassafras room and it is wonderful when we get the time to sit down and talk with you about all the amazing things they are doing. Thank you!

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