Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteering is one of the special ways that you and your family can share in your child(ren)’s education. At the same time, you get to know other West Side Montessori families and staff while building relationships that could last a lifetime.

There are many ways to get involved at West Side! Opportunities range from working in the classroom to helping with school-wide family events. Whatever your interest, being a volunteer is always greatly appreciated and needed.

Prior to volunteering, please connect with the person responsible for your volunteer work to learn about WSM safety drill procedures.

Volunteer Background Checks

West Side Montessori supports and encourages parents and relatives of enrolled students to become regular volunteers. To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families, a background check is now required for those volunteers who will be at our school three (3) or more times throughout a school year.

To apply for your background check, please click here to begin the process. After reading the Disclosure and Authorization statement, enter the password westside to continue. Once you are on the approved list of volunteers, your background check may remain valid in our system for up to five years. There is a nominal fee of $14.95 for the background check. Please contact dwestley@montessoritoledo.org if you need assistance.

General Sign-Up Sheets

No sheets available at this time.

Toledo Children's House

No sheets available at this time.

Black Cherry

No sheets available at this time.


Title Date Open Spots  
Bluebird Mystery Readers N/A 3
Bluebird Weekly Reading Volunteers N/A 16
Bluebird Weekly Math Volunteers N/A 17
Bluebird Flag Helper N/A 0
Bluebird Flower Donation N/A 10


Title Date Open Spots  
Cardinal Room Flag N/A 1
Cardinal Flower Donation N/A 2
Cardinal Classroom Parties N/A 0
Cardinal Weekly Math Volunteers N/A 3


Title Date Open Spots  
Goldfinch Reading Parent N/A 0
Goldfinch Flag Helpers- calling all creative moms and dads! N/A 0
Goldfinch Classroom Parties N/A 0
Goldfinch AR Help N/A 1
Goldfinch Flower Donation N/A 0
Goldfinch Math Helper N/A 0
Goldfinch Classroom Coordinators N/A 0
Goldfinch - Dinner Auction Item Volunteer N/A 3

Karner Blue

No sheets available at this time.


No sheets available at this time.

Middle School

Title Date Open Spots  
Middle School Ace Adventure Snack Sign Up Sheet N/A 0
Middle School Parent Drivers For Outreach N/A 27
High School Visit Drivers N/A 0


Title Date Open Spots  
Monarch - Mazza Museum Field Trip N/A 0
Monarch - Toledo Museum of Art Field Trip N/A 0
Monarch - Cooking/Baking Volunteers N/A 1
Monarch - Classroom Helpers N/A 0

Perrysburg Little House

No sheets available at this time.

Perrysburg Children's House

No sheets available at this time.


No sheets available at this time.


No sheets available at this time.


No sheets available at this time.