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South America

Posted on by Sassafras

We have “traveled” far and wide this year in the Sassafras room filling our passports with stamps from across the globe.  Our latest addition was the stamp of South America.  In small groups we began to learn the name of the countries in South America.  We looked at several books to find out more about the land, people and animals of our neighbor to the south.   We saw tall, snow-covered mountains, hot tropical rain forests, busy cities and remote villages as we looked through the books.  Being the animal lovers that they are, the children were anxious to learn more about the rain forest and all of the unique creatures that call it home.  More on that in the next post.  Not all animals in South America live in the rain forest, some live high in the mountains as well, such as llamas and alpacas.  The children had the opportunity to feel just how soft and warm the fur of a llama is when they held a toy llama made from real llama fur.  Something else the children found interesting was the fact that our Spanish teacher, Brianne, spent much of her childhood in the country of Uruguay.  We learned that in most countries the people speak Spanish-just like we learn when Brianne comes to our room!

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