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Spring has (finally) arrived!

Posted on by Sassafras

Even though March 20th was the official start of spring, the children were all wondering why the weather didn’t feel more like spring. It was a perfect time to introduce some new work about weather, seasons and clouds. We began by reading a book about a raindrop and its journey and then talked about the water cycle.

P4083673We saw how water falls from clouds to the Earth. Depending on the temperature it can fall as rain or snow-which it kind of did both that day. We then talked about the various places the water could go-puddles, the ocean, rivers, a pool. But eventually the water evaporates and goes back up into the sky where it collects with other small bits of water and dust to form clouds. When the clouds become too full the water falls back to earth. The children enjoyed experimenting with this first hand. Using a cotton ball to represent a cloud the children could add drops of water until the cotton ball became so full of water it started to “rain.”

P4083675In another work, two pictures of thermometers were placed at the top of the rug, one showing the temperature to be hot the other showing the temperature to be cold. Then the children would sort pictures of clothes according to the temperature they would be worn in. Some children enjoyed playing a matching game with pictures of various weather conditions such as foggy, partly sunny and icy. Other works that can be found on the shelf include sorting pictures by the seasons, cloud nomenclature and the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk along with felt pieces so the children can re-tell the story.

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