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Spring has Sprung

Posted on by Sassafras

We have waited a long time, but it truly feels like spring now!  We have been taking advantage of the nice weather spending  a little extra time outside.  The children have enjoyed being able to take their work out to the porch.  They have also enjoyed the beautiful flowers growing and blooming in our garden.  Thanks to all their hard work in the fall we now can appreciate the daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and alliums.  It was the perfect time to add some new work to our science shelves to learn more about flowers.  In small groups we learned about the different parts of a flower.  We “dissected” a daffodil and found the stamen and pistil.  We learned the scientific word for petals-corolla.  There was a matching work added to the shelf to help the children learn the name of the flowers growing in our garden and other springtime flowers.  Also on the shelf were several white carnations that were a part of an experiment.  One carnation was placed in a vase with clear tap water.  The other carnations were placed in vases with colored water.  Then we waited and made observations over the next few days.  The children could record their observations by coloring a carnation to match what they observed.  What we discovered is that we didn’t have to wait long.  One carnation began to change in a matter of minutes!  It was fun to watch the changes that occurred over the days.

20140507_085040 (1)

The children were eager to make predictions about what might happen.


A student records her observations of the carnations.

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