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Staying Active Indoors

Posted on by Lilac


It’s been a cold start to 2014. Lilac friends are warmly staying active indoors. We have been making great use of our Gross Motor Room (GMR) this month. Some of the activities in the GMR include: monkey bars, trampoline, tricycles, balls, bean bags, hula hoops, scarves, balance board, tunnel, and dancing to music! Some GMR music favorites are “We Are The Dinosaurs” and “I’m Going To Catch You.” We also have added another circle time to our morning. At circle time we encourage more movement through songs and use of materials like rhythm sticks and yoga card poses.

Benefits to Staying Active Indoors

Running, jumping, dancing are all large movements that children love to participate in. Since gross motor skills involve large movements of the body, developing these skills means your child is moving around and getting exercise. Getting your child hooked on physical activity at an early age means their more likely to be an active adult, which means a healthier body as they gets older. With each new milestone, your child’s body reaches the physical ability to perform certain tasks. By age 3 to 4, a child should be able to kick, throw overhand, and catch a ball after it bounces, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Often students will practice one skill, gain confidence, and then eventually combine skills together to complete more challenging tasks.

Suggested Activities for Home

Have your child help with household chores (carry or push laundry baskets, rearrange furniture or toy room items). Maybe even a little early spring cleaning? Make the chores fun. Play some music and dance a little while sweeping floors. :-)

A Look Ahead….

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please be sure to call and schedule a conference time. Our quick 15 minutes together will be spent discussing your child’s progress since fall and going over Children’s House readiness/requirements.
  • Field Trips?! That’s right, the Little House children will be visiting the Children’s House (CH) classrooms. Call Kathy and schedule to take a field trip with your child on eitherĀ Feb 25-26- or 27. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to not only see a CH classroom, but to also interact with the students and teachers to learn more about Children’s House program.
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