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Ali Packo

Ali Packo

Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence

Maple Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Amy Lawrence and Ali Packo are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Family Interviews and Orientation-

We began our year with Family Interviews and orientation for children new to the Maple Room. Thank you parents for sharing such important information about your children with us. Your excitement and support mean so much. We can’t wait for you to volunteer, observe, and be involved in our classroom. For the children, the first couple of days were really devoted to sharing basic procedures in the classroom, such as carrying, holding, rolling, and walking around a rug. Working at a table was also introduced. Steps included showing how to keep their work organized and using a work mat. When finished, we say “Put your hands in the air, push in your chair, and put your work away.” The children also helped to develop some basic ground rules that will help make the Maple Room run smoothly. They include using walking feet in the classroom, using an inside quiet voice, raising your hand before you speak, putting your hand on a teacher’s shoulder when needing something, and using your words to communicate with each other. Bathroom etiquette was reviewed, such as one person in the bathroom at a time and knocking on the bathroom door before entering. We reviewed hand washing procedures to help us stay germ-free, as much as possible. The children were taught a song to sing while they wash their hands that help them wash an appropriate amount of time. It is sung to the tune “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” It goes like this: “Wash, wash, wash your hands. Wash them nice and clean. On the tops, and on the bottoms, and even in between.” A tour of the playground was given and the children loved the slide, climbing, playing in the sand, and running and laughing together. At the end of the week, we enjoyed a visit from students in the Monarch Room (Upper Elementary). They read to our younger friends.

A Visit from our Friends in the Monarch Room














The First Full Week-

There were work choices available on the shelves in almost every area of the classroom. Much of the work that was demonstrated to the children, however, could be found in the practical life and sensorial areas. Practical life lessons included hand transfer activities, dry pouring, floor sweeping, and sponge squeezing. The children also practiced serving their own snack at the snack table (with glass plates and glasses). At the Children’s House level, the children can choose when they want to have snack throughout the morning. Two people may sit at the snack table together. They get a glass plate, scoop their snack onto it, and carry it to their table. They can then pour themselves a drink. While enjoying snack, they may have polite conversation at the table. When finished, they may wash their plate and glass at our washing table and put it on the drying rack.They spray their table and dry it (They can spray however many years old they are. Ex- 3 sprays for a 3 year old.) Finally, they sweep any crumbs they may have dropped. They then wash their hands and return to work.


floor sweeping


sponge squeezing one bowl to another


sponge squeezing







Both the younger and older children love the hands-on materials found in this area. Everything is very concrete and visually appealing. One of the works introduced was the pink cubes. There are ten pink cubes carried to the rug one at a time. The children then use their detective eyes to grade them from the largest to the smallest. Other works presented included the brown prisms, red rods, and knobless cylinders.


The pink tower of cubes

Back-to-School Sing Along-

The children love music and to gather together. This past Friday, the Children’s House classes enjoyed their first sing along. A West Side parent, Marc Brown, played the guitar and led the children in singing some fun songs, such as “Down By the Bay” and “The Wheels on the Bus”. We gathered outside on the grass and were happy that many families were able to join us. We will keep you informed of upcoming sing alongs.











maug22It was an exciting first couple of weeks! We look forward to a wonderful year!


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