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Ali Packo

Amy Lawrence

Maple Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Amy Lawrence and Ali Packo are the classroom’s co-teachers.


2015-16 Toledo Children’s House
Dates to Know [PDF]


A first year student is putting the American flag puzzle together.

As we continue our study of geography, we made our first stop on the continent of North America.  We talked about the different countries that comprised North America.  Children had the opportunity to pin push the map of North America.  Then, the children would glue their replica of the continent map onto a piece of poster board.  Other work choices included making crayon rubbings of animals found in North America, matching North America animal figurines to their names, coloring a map of North America, and researching the three main countries that comprise North America (Canada, the United States, and Mexico).  Now, we have delved further into our study of our favorite country in North America, the United States.  The flag of the United States was introduced to the children.  They learned that each stripe represented one of the original 13 colonies and that the 50 stars represent the 50 states in the United States.  Making the flag of the United States has been a popular work choice in our classroom!


A kindergarten student smiles, upon completing her map of North America.


Another kindergarten student works carefully, as she researches North America.

The only work that may be more popular than making a felt replica of the American flag is the food preparation work.  In the practical life area of the classroom, we have introduced two food preparation works which are banana slicing and pickle slicing.  Students use real kitchen tools to complete this work.  Then, if they like the item that they prepared, they may eat it using a dainty appetizer fork.  Finally, they must wash the materials that they used to prepare the food.  The food prep works are a lot of fun and very practical.


Wow! What concentration and careful hands!

Did anyone hear that Westside Montessori turned 40 yet?!?!  We had great fun celebrating Westside’s 40th birthday.  The students enjoyed participating in a school-wide sing-a-long led by our music teacher, Risa Cohen.  Upon returning to the classroom, we continued the celebration.  In honor of Westside’s birthday, we walked around the sun four times.  Each trip around the sun represented one decade.  Each decade was represented by one golden bead bar.  Then, the students had a delicious snack made of a pie crust, yogurt, and berries.  Birthday celebrations are the best!


In honor of Westside’s birthday, a kindergarten student walks around the sun.


What a great looking group! Happy Birthday Westside Montessori!

My Dad, one of 7, comes from a large family. Growing up, we would get together with most of the extended family about once a month. The things I remember most about these family get-togethers are food, laughing, and singing. My mother and my Aunt Ruth knew how to play the guitar. They taught the other adults one song each. When we gathered we would pass the guitar around and everyone would sing their song. My Dad always played “Dark as a Dungeon,” my Aunt Jane always played, “Bottle of Wine,” and so on. We all sang along with every song. When I turned 12, I asked my Mom to teach me a song on the guitar. She taught me “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie. This became my song. From then on I played it at family gatherings.
When I came to this school I was amazed. I had never seen anything like it and it immediately felt right. “This is my school,” I told myself. Later I discovered that our school song is based on my song!
A parent asked me to share the School Song. If you would ever like the lyrics to a song or a melody please email me. (I can sing it into your voicemail.) I love sharing songs! So here it is…my song, my school, your school… This school was made for you and me!
music by Woody Guthrie
lyrics by Lynn Fisher
This school is your school, this school is my school
From the natural playground, to our computers,
From the Pink Tower to grammar boxes
This school was made for you and me.
Verse I
As I was thinking about our history
I saw behind me a small beginning.
I saw before me a bright new future;
This school was made for you and me.
Verse II
And I’ve been making some very good friends
From tiny toddlers to Middle Schoolers.
This school is people.  This school is caring.
This school was made for you and me.
Verse III
And our horizons keep on expanding
With special classes and master planning
From parents’ hard work, to annual Spring Sing
This school was made for you and me.
Verse IV
Throughout the good times and times of sorrow
We build together a new tomorrow
This school is your school, this school is my school
This school is our community
I enjoyed singing this song at the Thanks and Giving celebration in Perrysburg yesterday. I look forward to singing it with you this Tuesday at the Toledo Campus Thanks and Giving Celebration.
Keep singing,


Dear Maple Room families,

This year, Children’s House will be supporting Graham’s Foundation for our 3rd annual Thanks and Giving Celebration.  Graham’s Foundation, founded by current West Side parents Nick and Jennifer Hall, is in celebration of their son, Graham.  Graham and his twin sister, Reece (a Lower Elementary student) were born 15 weeks premature.  Reece was in the hospital for four months before she was able to come home.  Graham lived for 45 short days.  Graham’s Foundation empowers parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve the outcomes for their preemies and themselves.  We are looking forward to sharing with the children an act of great kindness and the gift of giving to those in need.

One way Graham’s Foundation supports parents of preemies is to give NICU (neonatal intensive-care unit) Care Packages.  Our goal is to collect 100 new children’s books that can be included in the care packages from today until November 23rd.  Says Jennifer, “One of the many challenges of having a baby born early is that the nurses and doctors seem to provide all of the care for your baby, and as a parent you are left feeling helpless.  When Reece and Graham were in the NICU, we looked for ways to parent and to make sure that they knew us.  One of the ways we did that was by reading.  We read books aloud by their isolettes.  We didn’t know if it would make a difference, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt, and we knew one thing – it helped us.  We felt as if we were doing something.  It helped us feel as if we were doing something typical.”

We will be donating the books to Graham’s Foundation at our Thanks and Giving Celebration Sing-A-Long on Tuesday, November 24th, beginning at 10:45 a.m. in the Commons.  We would love to have you join your children, Nick, Jennifer and Reece in this special celebration.  Please feel free to bring siblings not in school, grandparents and anyone else who wishes to share in this tradition!

Thank you for supporting our Thanks and Giving Celebration!


Amy and Ali

“We shall walk together on a path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”  

                                    -Maria Montessori

Continuing our name studies, we created and read a predictable chart. Each line of the chart started with, “My name is,” followed by the name of a child in class and a period. In a predictable chart, only one word or phrase of each line changes, so most of the text is predictable. After learning the pattern, even the most emergent readers in class were able to join in reading, “My name is.” And the readers who are decoding were able to figure out some, most, or all of the names as well. A few of them feeling especially successful declared, “This is fun!”

We have also been drumming our names. Try repeating your name 4 times, drumming each syllable. You will notice that many English names contain two syllables: one stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable. For example, Risa, Brandi, and Kathy all follow this pattern. The students noticed that many names have the same rhythm, but some do not.  Some names have only one, or three or more syllables. Others, like Brianne have two syllables but it is the second syllable that is stressed. Try drumming the names of your family around the dinner table tonight.

Keep singing,


First Thursday

About Organizing the Chaos at the Toledo Campus

Maria Montessori believed children have a need and a sensitive period for order. Come learn how simplifying your life and organizing the chaos can help you and your child succeed.  Learn SIMPLE fixes to everyday issues. Organization ideas for toys, books, pictures. Easy ways to keep track of important information. And why Pinterest is NOT always the answer.