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Ali Packo

Ali Packo

Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence

Maple Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Amy Lawrence and Ali Packo are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Friday, May 1


Lower Elementary Songfest

7 p.m. – Toledo Campus Commons


Saturday, May 9


All West Side Montessori families from Little House through Middle School are invited to join us celebrate at our 31st annual Spring Fundraiser featuring food from Mancy’s Steakhouse, Domo Sushi, Registry Bistro and Rosie’s Italian Grille along with wine-tasting. Tickets can still be purchased online at


Friday, May 8 or Monday, May 11



Tuesday, May 12


Upper Elementary Ensemble & Middle School Band

Spring Concert

Toledo Campus Commons
7-8 p.m.


Thursday, May 14


9th Annual 5KDub Run, Walk, and Picnic

Please join us for our annual 5K/Fun walk and family picnic at Olander Park in Sylvania. Runners and walkers of all ages are welcome to participate. If you would like to just join us for dinner and fun, that’s an option too. Click here to make your reservation online. Event begins at 5:30 p.m.


Wednesday, May 20

Spring Sing

Spring Sing: Building a Better World

6:30 p.m. – University of Toledo Recital Hall
Perrysburg and Toledo Kindergarten Spring Concert

Did you know that Practical Life and the Sensorial Area help to better prepare your child for the Math Area?

Here’s Why….

Practical Life Area Aims to build: concentration, coordination, confidence, independence, good work habits, real and purposeful work, patience and delay of gratification, inner discipline and self-control, socialization skills, memory skills and classroom ground rules.

Example: The Chair Scrubbing Lesson is a 22-step process in which the child observes the teacher giving the lesson and then the child will recreate the lesson by her or himself.  This 22-step lesson is teaching the child concentration, coordination, independence and order, which are the necessary tools needed for the Math Area.

Chair Scrubbing

Sensorial Area Aims to build: skills in observing, thinking, judging, associating, comparing, contrasting and discriminating, matching, grading, base 10, units of measurement, vocabulary and pincer grasp.

Example: the Binomial Cube is actually the Algebraic equation of (a+b)3=(a+b)(a+b)(a+b). These concrete materials in the Sensorial Area helps to build upon mathematical concepts learned later in the Math Area.

bio cube

Summing it all up:

Dr. Maria Montessori once said,  “Great creations come from the mathematical mind, so we must always consider all that is mathematical as a means of mental development. It is certain that mathematics organizes the abstract path of the mind, so we must offer it at an early age, in a clear and very accessible manner, as a stimulus to the child whose mind is yet to be organized.”

The Montessori approach results in the concepts being fully understood at a time when it is easy for the child to understand as long as the ideas are presented to him through the manipulation of concrete materials. By the time the children are six years old they have a solid knowledge of mathematics that will stand them in good stead not only for further study, but also for many other aspects of everyday life.

Stamp Game

maths short bead stair



This week the Children’s House students have sung songs in 5 languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Here are a couple of the songs we have enjoyed:



I hope those of you that celebrate holidays this week enjoy peaceful, joyous holidays. Have a great break.

Keep singing,


I am happy to report that I am cancer-free! Coming back to school I was greeted by many warm hugs and handmade cards from your children. Many of you have sent me emails, cards, meals, and gifts while I was in recovery. Thank you for all of your support. It is wonderful to be part of a caring community. I am very happy to be here.

Welcome Back Risa

Poster made by Sapphire and Emerald students


And so the adventures continue…..

Human Body:

The human body has been our latest unit of discussion in science. We first talked about the parts of the body that we could see. We reviewed them by singing the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees,and Toes”. The children helped explain why each body part is so important. For  example, the nose is used for smelling, the ears are used for hearing, the eyes for seeing, etc. Next, the bones beneath the skin were introduced. The bones that make up our skeleton were compared to a hanger used for clothes. They help give us our shape. Otherwise, we may be a pile of skin on the floor instead of a well-shaped body. Proper terms, such as clavicle, phalanges, and tibia were used. One of the most important jobs of the skeleton is to protect the organs, such as the brain and heart. The children learned that the femur is the longest ans strongest bone in the body. Work choices on the shelf included two piece puzzles that matched the body part with its correct label, books to look at, a skeleton to make, a book to label the bones in the body, and a foam skeleton puzzle (a favorite work).


This is a work to label the bones in the body.


Our youngest friends enjoy this work too.

This was one of our most popular work choices.

Next, we examined the roles of organs in our bodies. At circle, a child was asked to put on an anatomy apron. Other children came up and helped place the organs where they belong. We talked about the brain and how it is the control center of the body and helps us make good choices. The heart pumps the blood through the body and the stomach digests the food. Some of the children enjoyed pin punching the organs and gluing them onto the body.


The organs are placed strategically onto the anatomy apron.


One child helps put the organs on and then they switch roles.


A child decides to draw the organs and label them as an extension to the work.


Many friends enjoyed having their bodies traced and then gluing organs onto their bodies.


Each body was a unique creation!


Practical Life:

Our practical life work was recently changed. Our work took on a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Everything is green in this area and shamrocks are featured in many of the works. Some fun works include polishing a penny with lemon juice, polishing the leaves of a plant with a spray bottle and cotton balls, scrubbing a table work, and nuts and bolts work. Our new food preparation works include slicing a cucumber and preparing a bowl of soup with warm water and dry soup mix.


Taking care of plants helps take care of our environment.


Enjoying a bowl of soup on a cool day is a treat.


There are many steps in the table scrubbing process.

Risa Returns!

Risa has been home many weeks healing and waiting to come back to what she does best- SING! The children were thrilled to see her and she was so proud of the work they had done with Josh while she was gone. We are all looking forward to Spring Sing, but there is much work still to be done in preparation.


We get reacquainted during circle time.


Up and moving while we sing!


A warm welcome back for Risa with hugs, waves, and high fives!

Spring Party:

Friday marked the first official day of Spring. In order to celebrate the new season and hopefully some warmer weather soon, we had a Spring Party at the Children’s House level. Each classroom had a few fun crafts, such as making flowers, butterflies, and birds. There were also special snacks, such as a flower made of carrots in a circular shape and a stalk of celery for the stem. Several parents came in to help make the day extra special by spending the morning with us. We also had two special guest readers as the morning came to an end. Thanks for all of the help and support.


Handprint flowers are a hit!


Many children anxiously awaited their turn for this project.


A beautiful photo of the snacks!


Creative bird making is another activity!


A very busy table is observed.


Fun family time as well as a beautiful butterfly created.


Maple Room always enjoys a guest reader. What a fun way to end our morning!