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Amy Wagner

Amy Wagner

Sarah Knox

Sarah Knox

Poplar Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Knox and Amy Wagner are the classroom’s co-teachers.


2015-16 Toledo Children’s House
Dates to Know [PDF]

After learning about our planets and the solar system we focused in on our planet, Earth.  We used the sandpaper globe to discover how much of Earth is covered with water and land.  The children learned that the smooth blue portions represent the water and the rough brown sections represent the land.

Sandpaper Globe

Sandpaper Globe

After learning about land and water, we used the continent globe and map to learn about our seven continents.  We sang this song to help learn the names (to the tune of Are You Sleeping):

There are seven
There are seven
North and South America
Africa, Europe, Asia

We learned that the earth is a sphere and compared it to other spheres we are familiar with; Poplar thought of a baseball, gumball, marble, the geometric solid sphere, and a basketball when discussing spheres.  Next, we looked at the continent map and discussed that a a map can be used to represent earth on a flat surface.

continent map and globe

Continent globe and continent map

After exploring globes and maps, we learned about three characteristics of earth: land, air and water.  Various work choices were available to allow the children to study this.  Work included filling small vessels with land (soil), air and water and sorting animals into land, air and water homes.

Our outdoor work choices have been expanding!  We were so excited to open up new building materials for the children to put their creative minds to work!  Not only have we seen some creative structures and great gross motor play, but we’ve also watched teamwork, cooperation and problem solving skills develop.


Building work


Pulling the wheel barrow


Sweet September Sundae Begins at 2 p.m.


See You Today


West Side Montessori is excited to share its 40th Birthday surprise with ALL its families at Sweet September Sundae today. The festivities begin at 2 p.m. at the Toledo Campus (7115 Bancroft) with fun activities for the WHOLE family – bouncy houses, games, student-led trail walks, music! Bring your folding chairs and blankets to picnic on pizza, watermelon, ice cream sundaes, and, of course, BIRTHDAY CAKE.

At 3 p.m., Lynn Fisher, WSM’s founder and head of school, will gather everyone on the McMaster Middle School porch for her surprise announcement! Following the announcement, the activities will continue until 4:30 p.m.

The weather looks perfect, so plan on joining us for the annual fall tradition!


image3Poplar Room would like to welcome Eric Slotterbeck.  Eric has been a student at West Side since Children’s House and is currently in 7th Grade.  He will join us in Poplar Room every Wednesday from 10:45-11:45.  The children get very excited when he enters the classroom. We are lucky to have him!  He is wonderful with all of the children and is enjoying his time with us.  Eric can be found working with children, assisting during Community Gathering and lunch time, or being chased on the playground.

These last two weeks we have been exploring the Solar System.  We began with small group lessons using a large sparkly mat symbolizing the vast Solar System.  The children practicing placing the planets in order on the appropriate ellipse. “Let us give the child a vision of the whole universe…for all things are a part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” (Maria Montessori)


There is a wonderful song that accompanies this lesson, it is called “The Family of the Sun.”  It is sung to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell.”

The Family of the Sun.
There are 8 planets
In the Family of the Sun.

Mercury is hot.
and Mercury is small.
Mercury has no atmosphere;
It’s just a rocky ball.

Venus has thick clouds
That hide what is below.
The air is foul, the ground is hot.
It rotates very “slow.”

We love the Earth, our home.
Its oceans and its trees.
We eat its food. We breathe its air.
So no pollution, please.

Mars is very red.
It’s also dry and cold.
Some day you might visit Mars
If you are really bold.

Great Jupiter is big.
We’ve studied it a lot.
We found that it has many moons
and a big red spot.

Saturn has great rings.
We wondered what they were.
Now we know they’re rocks and ice
which we saw as a blur.

Uranus is so far,
It’s cold and greenish blue,
We found it rotates sideways,
And it has lots of moons.

Neptune has a spot,
A stormy patch of blue,
The planet has a lot of clouds,
And rings around it, too.

You can find this song on YouTube : Family of the Sun.  Although the YouTube version is a little different, I am sure your child will still love hearing it outside of the classroom.  In addition to the overview of the Solar System above, individual work was placed on the shelves for the children to explore such as; Solar System puzzles, matching planets, matching pictures of astronauts and their equipment with the appropriate object, spooning and pouring work (using rock and ice like material.) The children also had a lesson in melon balling and making biscuits using a circle shaped cookie cutter.  Finally, “Galaxy Play Dough” and pin-pushing planets were also very popular work choices in the Art Area.


Making biscuits.