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Amy Wagner

Amy Wagner

Sarah Knox

Sarah Knox

Poplar Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Knox and Amy Wagner are the classroom’s co-teachers.


While talking about North America and the Native Americans, the story of Black Elk was told.  This story is told every year.  It is a story of peace and is a part of our peace curriculum in Poplar Room. The story of Black Elk is about a little boy from the Lakota people who at the age of nine got very sick.  While he was sick he had a vision.  In this vision he saw two intersecting roads, a “Black Road of Difficulty” that went from the North to the South and a “Red Road of Peace” from the East to the West.  People walked along both of these roads.  When one walked along the black road he/she felt sad, mad, frustrated and when one walked along the red road he/she felt happy, calm, and peaceful.  We talked about the word intersect and explained that because the roads intersect, one could easily get back on the red road of peace at the point of intersection.  In the very center, where the road intersected, there was a tree.  When people were kind to one another through helping and caring for each other, flowers would bloom and birds would fly to the tree and sing a happy tune.  By being kind to one another the tree became more and more beautiful.  Last year, a child from our room couldn’t have told the story any better…



Our continent study got underway with the study of  North America.  We found North America on the Continent Globe first and then on our World Map.  We sang the continent song – sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques.”  The words to the song are as follows:

There are 7, there are 7.
Continents, continents.
North and South America,
Africa, Europe, Asia,
Australia, Antarctica.

Independent work was placed on the shelf for the children to explore components of North America.  A continent box of North America included coins from the USA, Canada, and Costa Rica, a tepee, 2 pilgrim dolls, and postcards from the Rocky Mountains.  In addition, nomenclature cards of North American foods and instruments were investigated.  The flags for each country in North America were displayed and coloring pages were available for coloring.  The life and art of Georgia O’Keefe was celebrated and an art project was placed on the shelf for the children to choose.

A kindergartener concentrating on the Georgia O’Keefe art project…

An Oriental Poppie Ripped Paper Project – Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Directions were introduced and labels were placed on the walls of the classroom.  We found USA on the continent map and then went North to find Canada.  We discussed that in Canada the main language is French.  I told a story of Prince Edward from Prince Edward Island which is off the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Prince Edward would make cookies for his family and when they were ready he would open up the door and yell, “Come and Get Em!”  Needless to say, Molly (Kadin’s Mom) and two of the Poplar Room friends made “Come and Get Em Cookies” for the class.  We shared them at circle, they were a big hit!

For the USA, we talked about Native Americans.  and their voyage from Siberia.  The Native Americans connection and love for the Earth was talked about and songs from the Lakota and Cherokee tribes were sung.

We also adventured into Mexico a little bit.  A new food preparation was introduced, Quesadilla making.  We also had a parent volunteer come in and make salsa with the children.  We had the salsa with chips on Thursday for snack, YUMMY!!!  A matching work for Mexican food was placed on the language shelf.  And the game of Balero was played one at a time.  Balero is a Mexican game where there is a ball attached to a string and a cup.  The object is to swing the ball and flip it into the cup…TRICKY!!!

We love this Quesadilla WORK!!!

We love this Quesadilla WORK!!!

Dear Families,

I was absent at the beginning of the year because I was on chemotherapy for treatable breast cancer. Thankfully, it is now safe for me to return to my work and joy: singing with your children. I am so lucky to be able to work with your amazing children. Thank you for sharing them with me. If you have any questions or want to chat further with me, I am happy to connect with you.

Keep singing,



Hello Children’s House Families,

I’m Risa, your child’s Music and Literacy teacher. As the Childrens House Music and Literacy teacher, I have the joy of working with your children. One morning a week I spend a half hour with each Children’s House classroom. During the lesson we sing, dance, and have a lot of fun. Many students try to arrive extra early on “Risa Day” because they don’t want to miss any songs. I encourage you to observe your child on a Music Day. You will see that the children are doing some big work in Music. And besides, hearing the children sing and seeing them dance is heartwarming. Please call the office to schedule an observation.


I hope those of you at the Toledo Campus can join us at our Thanks and Giving Sing-A-Long, Tuesday, November 25, at 8:45. At our Thanks and Giving Celebration we will be singing songs about things we are thankful for. We are all thankful to have been born, so our birthday song, “We Celebrate Your Birth” will be included in the set list. This is the song we sing at our classroom birthday celebrations. Click here to watch the YouTube video.


Keep Singing,


My schedule this year is:
Monday: Sassafras 8:30-9Tuesday: Poplar 8:30-9

Sycamore 9:05-9:35

Wednesday: Emerald 8:30-9

Sapphire 9:05-9:35

Thursday: Maple 8:30-9

Friday: Black Cherry 8:30-9

Poplar has been busy the last few weeks learning about different kinds of animals.  We started this unit by taking a closer look at bats.  We were excited to see how much the children already knew about bats.  They told us that bats eat fruit or insects and that they are nocturnal.  The kindergarten children explained to our younger friends what it means to be nocturnal.  We talked about bats using echolocation and learned that bats are the only mammals that can fly.  Work during this week included labeling the parts of a bat:


Labeling the parts of a bat.

After our unit on bats, we did an overview of the different classes of animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.  We studied a different class each day and learned characteristics of each.  A big term we talked about was animals being warm-blooded and cold-blooded.  The 3- and 4-year-old children had the opportunity to sort animals into the five classes and the kindergarteners made a book that lists characteristics of each animal type.


Kindergartener working on animal classification book.

Parents, we were so glad to see you all at conferences!  We’re proud of the progress your children have made and look forward to finishing the calendar year strong.