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Wendi Rowland

Wendi Rowland

Sarah Duvall

Sarah Duvall

Sassafras Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Duvall and Wendi Rowland are the classroom’s co-teachers.

During these last few weeks, we also took a closer look at snowflakes.  Using the  book called The Story of Snow, we examined how a snowflake is formed beginning with a speck. The speck is surrounded by water that freezes in the shape of a hexagon.  That is why 6 is the magic number for a snowflake! As a follow up to the lesson, the children really enjoyed creating their own snowflakes using a variety of different methods.  One way involved using objects to print a snowflake.  The children could also pin push out half of a snowflake.  Then they used the positive and negative space to create one whole snowflake.  Finally they could fold a coffee filter and cut on the folds to make intricate designs in their snowflakes.

What a perfect time to study Antarctica!  The freezing temperatures of the past few weeks have given the children some context in which to understand the climate of Antarctica. Although, the temperatures we were experiencing are more like the summer temperatures of Antarctica!

We learned several interesting facts about this continent.  Some of those include-there are no native people living in Antarctica, only scientists and some tourists.  The scientists who live there have to bring their own food and take their trash with them when they leave.  We talked about the tilt of our earth and how that effects the length of the days and nights.

It was interesting to learn about Antarctica, but the children were so happy when our temperatures here were warm enough to allow us to play outside!


It would be impossible to learn about Antarctica without studying its most famous inhabitants-penguins!  Emperor penguins to be more specific.  These unique birds are some of the only living things that can withstand the brutal winters of Antarctica.  To learn more about these amazing birds we watched a brief video.  It began with the female laying her egg and transferring it to the male.  We saw how the male then balances the egg on his feet and covers it with his brood pouch.  All winter long he huddles with the other males to keep warm and protect the egg while the female has gone off to eat.  When the chick hatches the female returns to take care of the chick.  But how can she find her chick among the thousands?  She recognizes the voice of her mate!  The children were fascinated by this whole process.  After the lesson, several acted out what they had learned-moms going off to sea to eat, swimming away from predators.  Dads balancing an “egg” or a chick on their feet calling out (with different calls) to find their mate. Regurgitating food for the baby chick to eat.  It was so fun to watch the children make this lesson come to life!






Later in the week we talked about blubber and how it helps to keep penguins warm.  The children were able to experience this first hand with the help of our “blubber glove”.  (A bag filled with vegetable shortening to simulate blubber).  First the children put their hand in a basin of ice water.  Next they put a bag around their hand (to represent waterproof feathers) and then put their hand in the ice water.  Finally they put their hand in the blubber glove and then in the ice water.  All were in agreement that the blubber really works to keep the animals warm.


 Take Parents To Work

During the week of Monday, Feb. 2 – Friday, Feb. 6, Toledo Children’s House is inviting their parents to join them in their “work” for a day from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

A limited number of spaces are available each day during the week for you to join your child(ren) in exploring the classroom and to share the important work they do each day at West Side Montessori.

Click a link below or visit your classroom blog at and use the SIGN UP HERE options at the top to reserve your space today!

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If you have questions please contact Kathy Heckert at (419) 866-1931 or

Dear Families,

Today, Friday, January 16, is my last day at West Side before my medical leave. I will have surgery on January 21 and I will be out for 8 weeks. I told the children that I will be going to the hospital for an operation and then I will be home healing for some time. I also reassured them that I will come back when I am all better. “Have you ever gotten hurt or had to go to the hospital for stitches or a broken bone and it took a long time, but you healed?” I asked. The children shared stories of many boo-boos. As for mine, I should be back March 16. I can’t wait to get this cancer out of me!

Josh Keller will be filling in for me during my absence. Josh holds a B.A. in Church Music from Valley Forge. He is kind, patient, and excited to be joining West Side. I will miss you and your amazing children while I am away.

Keep singing,