Wendi Rowland

Sarah Duvall

Sassafras Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Duvall and Wendi Rowland are the classroom’s co-teachers.


2015-16 Toledo Children’s House
Dates to Know [PDF]

World Language Week cover

Please join us to celebrate World Language during the week of May 9-13!  It’s a week-long open house in our World Language classes, where family and friends are invited to attend classes and presentations at all levels. Come and see what we’re doing and learning!

World Language Week 2016 day-by-day schedule

The children have been busy this week learning how to take good care of our Earth.  We have talked about recycling items when possible, reusing items so there is less garbage in our landfills and reducing the amount of stuff we use.  We were able to implement some of these concepts in a very real, practical way in our classroom.

If the children would like to paint at the easel they need to choose their colors from the paint bottles and fill the paint tray.  Many of the children were filling the tray so it was overflowing!  What a mess!  We don’t mind a mess here in the Sassafras room, we just need to clean it up.  Well, with all that paint we were using A LOT of water for cleaning.  So, we talked about reducing the amount of paint we put in the paint tray to begin with.  Then, the children were shown how to use the stopper to plug the drain so they can fill the sink with a small amount of water rather than letting the water run. They can then use the water that is in the sink to wash the paint tray, rinse the cup and clean the easel.

For those children who stay for lunch, we have been talking about which items in their lunch can be recycled and possible ways to help reduce trash.  Don’t be surprised if your child asks you to start using a container to pack his snack instead of a bag!

There are several works on the shelf the children have enjoyed exploring this week.  A small trashcan filled with recyclable items helps them learn the difference between glass, paper and plastic.  They can also sort pictures into these different categories.

We also viewed a video this week that showed how paper gets recycled.  If you would like to view this with your child here is the link: click here  We even tried making some recycled paper in the room.  A bit messy, but fun!


     1. soak small bits of paper 2. blend  3. pour into screen, press out extra water


The finished product!

Today we kicked off Right to Read week with a school wide gathering.  The students enjoyed a reader’s theater performance put on by some of our very own West Side staff. A funny play with an important message about recycling and taking care of our earth.



Then, working together, we all figured out a secret word…..


West Side Montessori!


Wednesday will be “read a shirt day,” so help your child pick out a shirt with words printed on it.  Thursday is spirit day, so find you West Side gear and wear it with pride!

G’day mates and welcome to Australia!  We have been busy exploring and learning about this amazing place.  We learned that Australia is a continent as well as a country.  It is also the world’s largest island.  Since it is surrounded by water, there are many beaches in Australia and most people leave near the edges of the continent.  The middle of the continent is very hot and dry.  It is called the Outback.  The world’s largest rock, Uluru, is located in the Outback.  Our sensory bin, which was transformed into our own Outback, has been a busy spot this week.  The children have enjoyed creating stories with the kangaroo, wombat, echidna and koala.  Through books and pictures we learned about marsupials, many of which can be found in Australia.  We also learned a little about the Aboriginal people of Australia through their art and music.  We even did our quiet walk to didgeridoo music!


The children were able to see and feel a real didgeridoo!


Our own Outback, complete with Uluru!

Sassafras has been busy at work practicing real life skills!


Folding Laundry




Scrubbing Boots


IMG_0660[1] IMG_0661[1]


Food Preparation

IMG_0672[1] IMG_0659[1]


Washing Dishes

IMG_0670[1] IMG_0657[1] IMG_0674[1]


Caring for Our Plants



Cleaning Our Environment

IMG_0666[1] IMG_0673[1]


Table Manners at Community Lunch