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Wendi Rowland

Wendi Rowland

Sarah Duvall

Sarah Duvall

Sassafras Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Duvall and Wendi Rowland are the classroom’s co-teachers.

We had so much fun on pajama day!  It was filled with activities and LOTS of reading.  To begin the morning, a third level student came and shared the book  If You Give a Pig a Party, with us at circle. Many of you may be familiar with this or other Laura Numeroff books and the characters in these stories.  After listening to the book, the children gathered in small groups to go on a hunt.  Throughout our school were hidden a pig, a mouse and a moose.  They had a great time finding these characters.  Most of the morning the children read their books, either on their own, with a friend or enjoyed listening to a teacher read their books.  Margaret arranged to have the kindergarten children listen to the older students read stories to them in French.   But, probably the best part, was being able to bring in a special stuffed animal.  The children cuddled and did work with these special friends all day long.







As new life begins to bloom with spring, we have turned our focus to the study of plants.  We first began with seeds.  The children each planted sunflower seeds in a cup.  Now, a few weeks later, they have grown into small plants!  The children are so excited to come in and examine their plants. They are observing the changes, such as how many leaves have grown and how tall they have become.  They are learning how to give their plants just the right amount of water-not too much and not too little!

After learning about seeds we investigated the various parts of a plant.  We looked at the roots, stem, and leaves and discovered what each part does for the plant.   Together at circle, we talked about how we can actually eat these different parts of a plant. We sorted pictures of plants based on what part was edible-the roots, stems or leaves.  Finally, we sampled some roots (carrots), stems (celery), and leaves (lettuce).

The final topic we covered was the flower.  We brought the concept full circle, learning that it is the flower that produces the seeds!  We discovered that sometimes we eat the flower and sometimes we eat the part that grows around the plants’ seeds; its fruit!  We learned that all foods with seeds are fruits, even if they aren’t sweet.  We sampled a sweet fruit (apple and grapes), a not-so-sweet fruit (green pepper) and the flower (broccoli).

The children have really enjoyed learning about and tasting plants!



We have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside with fun games led by our 6th Level Intern, popsicle making, planting our own sunflower seeds, and picnic lunches!

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To gain a better understanding of the continent of Africa, Sassafras children watched a video about the life of a young girl in a small village in rural Malawi.  To see the video click on the link below:

We also listened to African music and looked at many pictures of animals and people from Africa.

We studied Ndebele House Painting and learned that the women in a village in South Africa paint the outsides of houses in geometric patterns, first outlining in black and filling in the shapes with bright colors.  The children have been creating their own geometric patterns and painting them.

You’re Invited to First Thursday

Thursday, May 7, at 8:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m.  — Toledo Campus