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Wendi Rowland

Wendi Rowland

Sarah Duvall

Sarah Duvall

Sassafras Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Duvall and Wendi Rowland are the classroom’s co-teachers.

 Take Parents To Work

During the week of Monday, Feb. 2 – Friday, Feb. 6, Toledo Children’s House is inviting their parents to join them in their “work” for a day from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

A limited number of spaces are available each day during the week for you to join your child(ren) in exploring the classroom and to share the important work they do each day at West Side Montessori.

Starting next week, visit your classroom blog at and use the SIGN UP HERE options at the top to reserve your space today!

If you have questions please contact Kathy Heckert at (419) 866-1931 or

Dear Families,

Today, Friday, January 16, is my last day at West Side before my medical leave. I will have surgery on January 21 and I will be out for 8 weeks. I told the children that I will be going to the hospital for an operation and then I will be home healing for some time. I also reassured them that I will come back when I am all better. “Have you ever gotten hurt or had to go to the hospital for stitches or a broken bone and it took a long time, but you healed?” I asked. The children shared stories of many boo-boos. As for mine, I should be back March 16. I can’t wait to get this cancer out of me!

Josh Keller will be filling in for me during my absence. Josh holds a B.A. in Church Music from Valley Forge. He is kind, patient, and excited to be joining West Side. I will miss you and your amazing children while I am away.

Keep singing,


Join WSM for an inter-generational sing-a-long at Oakleaf Village, 4220 Holland Sylvania Road, at 2:45pm this Monday, January 19th, led by Risa Cohen!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities. The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative. It calls for Americans from all walks of life to work together to provide solutions to our most pressing national problems.” (From this website.)


About MLK Day of Service:

Ways for Children to Do Service:

Come to an Intergenerational Sing-A-Long at Oakleaf Village at 2:45pm




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Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and special friends that came to our Holiday Open House!  It was a huge success!

Dear Kindergarten Families,

At the end of every school year, the kindergarten students of West Side perform in a concert called “Spring Sing.” Kindergarten students from both the Toledo and Perrysburg campuses participate. There is a different theme for Spring Sing each year. This year our theme is “Building a Better World.” Please mark your calendars with the following date:

“Spring Sing: Building a Better World” will be performed at the Recital Hall at the University of Toledo on Wednesday, May 20, at 6:30 p.m. All kindergartners should arrive by 6:10 p.m.

I wish you all peaceful holidays filled with light, love, and music.

Keep singing,