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Wendi Rowland

Sarah Duvall

Sassafras Room is a Children’s House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Sarah Duvall and Wendi Rowland are the classroom’s co-teachers.


2015-16 Toledo Children’s House
Dates to Know [PDF]

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Click below for a preview of this Thursday’s Capstone Year Presentation. Presenters include Kyla Reams, Amy Lawrence, Kathy Heckert, and Melissa Snyder.

Discover why the Kindergarten year in Children’s House is considered the “Capstone Year”.

Click: The Capstone Year

We live in the United States!  We took a close look at our map and our flag.

We talked about the Pilgrims that came from Europe on the Mayflower and landed in Plymouth.  We talked about the Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.


We have traveled south from Canada to learn about the country of Mexico.  At first, we used the puzzle map of North America to locate Mexico.  Then, we learned about the flag and the significance of the symbols on the flag.  The children had the opportunity to create their own Mexican flag.  New work has also been added to the art shelf as well. One is a matching work of beautifully painted clay suns, called  Metapec.  Outlines of suns on paper are on the shelf as well, so the children can create their own Metapec.  A popular work choice has been a basket of typical Mexican foods-beans, rice, chili pepper, tortilla, tacos and flan.  The children enjoy sharing this food with one another.  We also had the chance to taste some foods from Mexico.  We tried tortillas and guacamole.  It was great to see so many of the children tasting and enjoying the guacamole!IMG_0448[1]IMG_0444[1]IMG_0442[1]IMG_0440[1]


The children were introduced to Canada this week.  We studied the flag and they had an opportunity to make their own flag of Canada.  We talked about the maple trees and how we get maple syrup.  They even got to taste test “real” maple syrup vs. “fake” maple syrup to see which one they liked best!

My Dad, one of 7, comes from a large family. Growing up, we would get together with most of the extended family about once a month. The things I remember most about these family get-togethers are food, laughing, and singing. My mother and my Aunt Ruth knew how to play the guitar. They taught the other adults one song each. When we gathered we would pass the guitar around and everyone would sing their song. My Dad always played “Dark as a Dungeon,” my Aunt Jane always played, “Bottle of Wine,” and so on. We all sang along with every song. When I turned 12, I asked my Mom to teach me a song on the guitar. She taught me “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie. This became my song. From then on I played it at family gatherings.
When I came to this school I was amazed. I had never seen anything like it and it immediately felt right. “This is my school,” I told myself. Later I discovered that our school song is based on my song!
A parent asked me to share the School Song. If you would ever like the lyrics to a song or a melody please email me. (I can sing it into your voicemail.) I love sharing songs! So here it is…my song, my school, your school… This school was made for you and me!
music by Woody Guthrie
lyrics by Lynn Fisher
This school is your school, this school is my school
From the natural playground, to our computers,
From the Pink Tower to grammar boxes
This school was made for you and me.
Verse I
As I was thinking about our history
I saw behind me a small beginning.
I saw before me a bright new future;
This school was made for you and me.
Verse II
And I’ve been making some very good friends
From tiny toddlers to Middle Schoolers.
This school is people.  This school is caring.
This school was made for you and me.
Verse III
And our horizons keep on expanding
With special classes and master planning
From parents’ hard work, to annual Spring Sing
This school was made for you and me.
Verse IV
Throughout the good times and times of sorrow
We build together a new tomorrow
This school is your school, this school is my school
This school is our community
I enjoyed singing this song at the Thanks and Giving celebration in Perrysburg yesterday. I look forward to singing it with you this Tuesday at the Toledo Campus Thanks and Giving Celebration.
Keep singing,