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Our trip to France June 2014


 Margaret Kohler,




French at home!

Chapeau! Hats off to WSM Middle School students, who did an outstanding job in the National French Contest, aka Le Grand Concours, this spring!

Gold Medals: Rachel Gorman, Sean Fernandez, and Zaynab Lazreq (8th grade)

Silver Medals: Emma Morgenstern and Emelie Wagner (7th grade)

Certificate of Merit: Chad Lawrence (7th grade)

National French Contest Winners 2015


What a fun, creative, energetic group we have in first level French this year!

They have been busy doing activities to build on French learned last year. Some favorite activities are singing songs, passing the ball and counting, learning the calendar, and “projects.” They love making things, learning, being friends, and also being leaders. They all picked cool French names to use in class! Luna, Elsa, Emma, Marc, Yanis, Nina, Anaëlle, Claire, Raquelle, et Élisabeth. 

Over break, remember there are lots of fun computer activities you can do using French! Sample some of the online activities at French at Home.

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Levels 1-8 French are enjoying crêpes this week or next. In case you are not familiar, crêpes are paper-thin French pancakes. You put on a smidge of your favorite topping — juste un peu, s’il te plaît! —  fold, and eat!

Topping and eating crêpes is not only an unforgettable cultural experience, it helps students engage in practical life skills, such as:

  • learning to turn the whipped cream can completely upside-down before discharging
  • pouring only a tiny amount of chocolate sauce (a serious challenge)
  • writing French words in chocolate
  • making smiley faces with strawberries and bananas
  • not dropping chocolate sauce on the new carpet
  • asking for seconds…and thirds en français
  • washing hands and face!

Bon appétit!


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IMG_2603  IMG_2598 IMG_2591 IMG_2583 IMG_2582 IMG_2581 IMG_2577 IMG_2576 IMG_2567 IMG_2565 IMG_2568IMG_2587

4th Level French has been re-creating the famous Caves of Lascaux, France. Their work includes research, artistry, measuring, planning, and working together on teams, just like the artists, scientists and researchers who created Lascaux 2.

Merci to Art teacher Deb Simoff for working with the students on parietal art (cave paintings) history and techniques last month!

Fourth level French students can’t wait to present their fascinating cultural investigation to parents and students in January!

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French at home

IMG_2556 IMG_2555 IMG_2554   IMG_2549


eiffel tower music notes

Today, a student left French class saying, “I can’t get that song out of my head!

I’ve always found that music and rhythm are vital to learning a new language — and make learning so enjoyable, too.

Please enjoy this article discussing research on how music and learning new languages are linked!