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Margaret Kohler,    Be sure to check archives, because there are articles for 9 levels of French class!

Practice French at home!

3 petits cochons posters (3)Updated Friday February 21, 2013

Level 4 – Practice alphabet and numbers. We are working in class on being able to “say & spell” name and address.
Level 5 – Will start a new play next week, L’arbre Ungali.  This weekend (Wednesday Feb 19 to Sunday Feb 23) they can work online on spelling numbers 1-100.)

Level 7/6 - Etudie le Quizlet ”Bonjour- quelle heure est-il” et le Quizlet de la Journée de Miko.  
Level 8 – Fais #1-25 sur la feuille d’activité “ce, cet, cette, ces”.
Etudie le quizlet du vocabulaire commun.

Level 5 has been learning to talk about animals, especially making descriptions.  As they describe animals and have mini-conversations, they practice using masculine and feminine nouns, making adjective agreement, and using common verbs.

Students finished up today by writing a valentine to their chosen animal!  I just love these pictures and valentine cards.





5 Middle School French students are embarking for France this summer with me!  They will visit Paris and the south of France (not bad!) Plus they will spend one week in a homestay, each with a different French family in beautiful Aix-en-Provence. They will even attend junior high with their host sibling. These students are busy getting prepared for this wonderful adventure.France group


What can you do with all this snow?  Kindergarten and Lower El French students know… take some snow, roll it, roll it, and make a snowman!  Un bonhomme de neige.  Making a snowman gives us a reason to say lots of words – clothing, parts of the body, colors, numbers, sizes… and to sing!

IMG_5470b (2)

Mon bonhomme de neige – My snowman
Il est très content et gros – He is very happy and fat
Avec deux yeux, un nez, une bouche – With two eyes, a nose, a mouth
Et sur la tête un beau chapeau! – And on his head a beautiful hat!


… and level 7/6 can guess it in French within 2 minutes.  #nombredemystère