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Kindergarten |  Elementary  | Middle School
Our trip to France June 2014


 Margaret Kohler,




French at home!

Kindergarten French students say “merci” for…
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papa, maman, bébé – dad, mom and baby


ma classe de patinage – my ice skating class


le patinage – ice skating


ma famille et mon poisson rouge – my family and my goldfish




La Tour Eiffel – the Eiffel Tower


Ma famille, la Tour Eiffel – my family, the Eiffel Tower


l’amour – love


la Terre – the Earth


les coeurs – hearts


Penny, Bobo, Handsome


ce bon repas – this good meal


le monde – the world


ma famille- my family


ma famille- my family


ce bon repas – this good meal


ma famille, les arbres – my family, trees


ma famille, ma maison – my family, my house


Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but that does not stop us from saying “MERCI!” a lot in French class!

Aujourd’hui je dis merci pour tout ce que l’on a
Today I say thank you for all we have
Merci pour maman et papa
Thanks for mom and dad
Merci pour ce bon repas
Thanks for this good meal

Listen to the song on YouTube
(I changed On dit (we say) to je dis (I say)

And I say “MERCI” to these West Side children and their families, who brought in French books from home to share with their classmates.  And “MERCI” for all my wonderful West Side students and families!










More Kindergarten French News

Play with French at home

6th level French students were remembering their last year’s play Trois petits cochons (Three Little Pigs). Seeing some costumes out in my room, they took a few minutes and restaged an encore production with quite creative costuming and a surplus of drama!

They thought they were just having fun, but watching them, I thought… almost a year later and they can still remember the play perfectly! ….Très cool.

6th level French spectaculaire

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Practice French at home

Last Wednesday, the 3rd level French students invited Kindergarten to watch them perform “C’est l’Halloween,” a song by Canadian singer and songwriter Matt Maxwell. It’s a perennial favorite! Kindergarten joined in with some French songs of their own, and they all enjoyed an autumn snack (but nobody actually ate the pizza hat!)

It was a fun way to wrap up the short conference week!
Merci, Sue Wagner, for taking such great pictures!  :)

Picture1 Picture6 Picture5 Picture4

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More Kindergarten French News

French at home

An important part of the AIM curriculum (an immersion method used in French levels 5-8) is the story retell.

Students re-tell the story from the play as they remember it, in their own words, adding details. First, they tell the story aloud, from memory, and then start writing. An editing process with coded self-correction helps improve spelling and grammar. Once that’s done, students look forward to the fun work of inventing creative new story endings or offshoots.

The Middle School French class, after a week away in North Carolina, started its first story retell of the play Salut, mon ami.  They dictated these paragraphs quickly in just the last 5 minutes of class.  Their ability to speak and write fluently in phrases and even paragraphs is impressive.

ms story retellMore Middle School French News
Practice French at home