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French – Bonjour!

Stop in often for pictures and news from French K-8.

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Margaret Kohler,    Be sure to check archives, because there are articles for 9 levels of French class!

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Thursday, May 8

The end of the year is upon us in French. Here are some special things we are working on in May.

Kindergarten - since I unexpectedly missed Spring Sing (major sad face), I am brainstorming a special event I can do with Kindergarten to make it up to them.

Level 1 - is learning everything about the calendar and also will be preparing to be customers in the 4th level fruit market.

Level 2 – is planning a special event. They are also researching personal questions of interest about France or French, and preparing to be customers in the 4th level Fruit market.

Level 3 – is researching personal questions of interest about France / French and preparing for an end-of-year event. They are also preparing to be customers in the 4th level fruit market.

Level 4 – Is researching castles in France and planning a fruit market where younger French students can come “buy” a snack (in French, of course.)

Level 5 – Is mastering the play l‘Arbre ungali.  We will set a performance date soon. They will also be learning geography, names, and flags of the 25 French-speaking countries in Africa.

Level 7/6 - Has finished working on the play l’Arbre ungali.  They are beginning to read the book, Y a-t-il des ours en Afrique? by Satomi Ichikawa and researching three Francophone countries in Africa, Morocco, Senegal, and Madagascar.

Level 8 – Has completed work on the play Veux-tu danser?  and is finishing a verb blitz.  They are preparing a “progressive dinner” in Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Teams are researching the “most beautiful small town” in their country and inviting classmates to a progressive dinner with typical foods from that country. We are excited to have Justine, our college student from France and Belgium, to lend her expertise. (Justine’s mother is an award-winning chef on French television and Justine inherited lots of culinary talent from her!)

Some Middle School students continue to prepare for their trip to France, which includes immersion in a French family, next month.  The countdown begins!


Please join me in welcoming Justine Schöller to West Side.  She is a college student from France and Belgium and is volunteering here until the end of the school year!  Justine is helping in French class and in the Sassafrass Room.

Level 5 has been learning to talk about animals, especially making descriptions.  As they describe animals and have mini-conversations, they practice using masculine and feminine nouns, making adjective agreement, and using common verbs.

Students finished up today by writing a valentine to their chosen animal!  I just love these pictures and valentine cards.





5 Middle School French students are embarking for France this summer with me!  They will visit Paris and the south of France (not bad!) Plus they will spend one week in a homestay, each with a different French family in beautiful Aix-en-Provence. They will even attend junior high with their host sibling. These students are busy getting prepared for this wonderful adventure.France group


What can you do with all this snow?  Kindergarten and Lower El French students know… take some snow, roll it, roll it, and make a snowman!  Un bonhomme de neige.  Making a snowman gives us a reason to say lots of words – clothing, parts of the body, colors, numbers, sizes… and to sing!

IMG_5470b (2)

Mon bonhomme de neige – My snowman
Il est très content et gros – He is very happy and fat
Avec deux yeux, un nez, une bouche – With two eyes, a nose, a mouth
Et sur la tête un beau chapeau! – And on his head a beautiful hat!