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Kindergarten |  Elementary  | Middle School
Our trip to France June 2014


 Margaret Kohler,




French at home!

Kindergarten games | French Numbers | French Alphabet


languages online1Languages Online French.  35 French vocabulary topics from beginner to intermediate, with fun online games.  For Elementary & Middle School.
Hint: start easy and work your way up.  See instructions, glossary and “accent” tabs for help on each activity.




Babelzone.  We have a subscription and students can use at home. Our username is westside and students should know the password


AIM logo


Levels 5-8 can practice their AIM plays at home. Students login and can see the play, songs and other learning videos.



quizletQuizlet – for levels 4 and up to practice French


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*Parents should supervise use of computer links, which may include YouTube.

Count to 100 song (1-20, then by tens, YouTube)

Listen & Read 1-50   and 51-100.
Vocabulaire: Click on any number to hear it and see how it’s spelled.
Exercice:  Listen to 5 numbers and try to find them on the board

Planète des chiffres game – click on a sign, then on headphones to hear a number, then blast the spaceship with that number.

Languages Online Numbers 1-10 – games

Languages Online Numbers 11-20 – games to learn the tricky teens

Languages Online Numbers 20-100 – games (include weightlifting game, ski game, matching game, and more advanced which practice spelling of numbers)

Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) – games

Count to 100,000 song (YouTube)

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oohlalaListen to French letters

Listen to French letters (match uppercase and lowercase)

Type on keyboard and listen to French letter

Spell French color and shape words – find the letter

French Alphabet Song (Alain Le Lait, – YouTube)

Another cute French alphabet song (YouTube)


taka count

Number game


Hear the colors

taka couleurs

Color game

More to come!