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Our trip to France June 2014


 Margaret Kohler,




French at home!

Kindergarten and Lower El French can sing about parts of the body with the song Les Patates!  By Jingle Bilingual

les patates

Lower El French (Levels 1-3) is practicing the song “C’est l’Halloween” by Matt Maxwell. Halloween is not a traditional French holiday but very popular in Canada!! Click on the picture to go to the YouTube song. (Parents, please supervise your child’s use of YouTube.)

C'est l'halloween


Welcome, Kindergarten, to French Fridays! We meet every Friday afternoon starting at 12:30.

At circle time we sing songs, play active games, and introduce lessons. Then the children meet with me, in groups of 4, for a small group language or culture lesson.

We started the year learning about the French flag, saying colors, counting, and making a little conversation with Ours Brun the Brown Bear. The students made special placecards to save their classroom work in progress while they come to French lessons.

Bienvenue — Welcome! I’m so excited for a fun year!

A bientôt — See you soon!

Margaret Kohler

Fun fact: French is spoken on every continent!  

Kindergarten French Sept 2015 (3)

Ours Brun the Brown Bear from France

Kindergarten French Sept 2015 (5)

Learning colors and how the American and French flags are both similar and different!


Choosing images of France and creating a personal collage.


Très beau travail! Beautiful work!

2014-06-24 12.05.11

We love the beach in Nice!!

(Remembering the trip to France from June 2014….)

We ran out of adjectives to describe our fantastic trip to France!

West Side Middle Schoolers, LENA, Claire, Jami, Rachel and Libby, and French teacher Margaret Kohler spent two weeks exploring Paris and southern France in June. From the Louvre to beaches in Nice, it was fun, cultural and a great language immersion experience.

Just how tall is the Eiffel Tower?

Just how tall is the Eiffel Tower?

Orangina, anyone?

Orangina, anyone?

Notre Dame at sunset was... luminous!

Notre Dame lit up at sunset was… luminous!

A ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris honors the unknown soldier.

A ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris honors the unknown soldier.

The trip included a week immersed in the language — and the life — of a French family.  Each student stayed with a different family, and had a host sister of about the same age. During this week the students attended middle school at Collège Jean Guéhenno, in Lambesc, just outside of Aix-en-Provence.  They went to classes in math, history, French, science, phys-ed — all in French, of course!  In English class, to the delight of the teachers there, our students made wonderful presentations about their home city and school, answering questions and helping the French students carry on English conversations.

At school with host sisters.

At school with host sisters.

Conversation in English class... everything from your favorite music to the virtues of Cedar Point!

Conversation in English class… everything from your favorite music to the virtues of Cedar Point!

Just what was so amazing about France? Paris…Nice…Aix…the picturesque small-town life in Lambesc, the welcoming people, the wonderful food, the sun, the gorgeous scenery, the conversations & friendship…  so many great memories!

View of Marseilles

View of Marseilles

Delectable...mouth-watering, fresh... words just don't do justice to French cuisine!

Words cannot describe how good this place was.

Margaret's host, the phenomenal Mme Faidix, English teacher extraordinaire and a wonderful cook, singer and host :)

Margaret’s host, the phenomenal Mme Faidix, English teacher extraordinaire and a wonderful cook, singer and host :)

All the students felt they increased their fluency in French and had a cultural experience that changed how they understand and look at the world.

Let's pack our bags and go back!

Let’s pack our bags and go back!

The West Side kids were poised and confident travelers. Their Middle School going-out experiences, natural curiosity, and years of speaking the language at West Side prepared them to take advantage of every minute of this special experience.

With their love of learning and abilities in French, it’s sure to be a springboard to future travels.

A big thank you to the families for their support and participation!

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