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Barb Bauchman

Barb Bauchman

Coming soon! You will be able to read the latest news about the students’ work in Music class, Upper Elementary ensemble,and Middle School band on the Toledo Campus for students in levels 1-8.

The Orff instruments are out and the students have begun to play and create music!

Level 1 is playing “Monster Stew”

Level 2 is playing “Autumn”

Level 3 is playing “The Midnight Dance”

These autumn/seasonal songs include the glockenspiels, metalophones, xylophones and various rhythm instruments. The students are reviewing the proper way to hold mallets, play rhythms and work as a group to accomplish the goal of “creating” music.

Level 5 is playing “Building Guy”, a piece of music based on LEGOS. This piece of music will be recorded and used as background music for their LEGO robotics in Technology class.

Level 6 is playing “Swirly Hoop Song”. This song incorporates the use of hula hoops as a rhythm instrument in addition to the regular Orff instruments.

The Middle School class is playing the ever famous 50’s song, “Splish, Splash” made famous by Bobby Darin! Prior to beginning this song they researched a top 100 song from the 1950’s and also the recording artist. After all the students presented their research in class they chose their instrument part to play. The Orff arrangement of “Splish, Splash” includes the bass drum, snare drum, piano and cymbals along with the standard instrumentation.

Level 4 continues to learn about the instruments of the orchestra through rhythm band accompaniments, hands on experience and listening opportunities. The latest instruments introduced were the saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo, tuba and the percussion family.

The “Star Spangled Banner” poem was penned 200 years ago September 14 by Francis Scott Key,an attorney and witness to the 25 hour bombardment of Fort McHenry. He saw and wrote about the star-spangled flag flying in its glory at the fort at dawn’s early light. President Herbert Hoover, after a congressional resolution and signature, proclaimed the “Star Spangled Banner” as our National Anthem in 1931.

All classes in levels 1-6 have spent time during the past two weeks studying, singing and discussing the “Star Spangled Banner.”




LEVELS 1 – 3

Following the Lower Elementary culture class theme of Cosmic/Solar system, we have been working with, listening and moving to and studying the following pieces of music.

“The Planets” by Gustav Holst (1874-1934)

“Rap of the Solar System” by John Riggio

“Mission Control” by Carmino Ravosa


We have been learning about the instruments of the orchestra and also about the great American composer John Philip Sousa.


These classes have been playing a song using the Orff instruments called “Chocolate Fudge”. This piece includes improvisation which in turn lead us to begin a study of scat singing and Ella Fitzgerald.


"Chocolate Fudge"

“Chocolate Fudge”


The Middle School students are studying Stevie Wonder and learning how to play an Orff instrument arrangement of his popular piece “I Just Called To say I Love You”. This piece includes the barred instruments, snare drum, bass drum, bongos and cabasa in addition to a vocal line and an improvisation section.


The 6th level Ensemble students are welcome to join the MS Band, Monday mornings at their 7:45 am rehearsals. Also, the MS Band students are welcome to join the Ensemble students at their Wednesday morning 7:45 am rehearsals.