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Toledo Campus
(419) 866-1931
7115 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43615-3010
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Perrysburg Campus
(419) 874-9385
13587 Roachton Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551-1154
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Jana Schultz

Physical Education News

Coming soon! You will be able to read the latest news about the students’ work in Physical Education class on the Toledo Campus for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Fun Activities For Kids of All Ages

Here are a few ideas I have started to incorporate in physical education classes to help increase students math skills that you can also do at home.

foxtail#1- Foxtail Ball Addition-(to create a fox’s tail,¬†place a tennis ball in the toe of sock then tie a knot to secure or you can find at toy store with colorful ribbon)

Objective: to catch the foxtail by the tail to the total of exactly 21 points.

Points are awarded by where the student catches the foxtail.

  • 5 points=end of tail (the hardest catch)
  • 3 points=middle of the tail
  • 1 point=ball or the start of the tail.

#2- Drop 21

Objective: to catch a small bouncy ball in the LEAST amount of drops to 21 points.

Drop the ball from shoulder height allowing it to bounce 2-3-4 times then try to catch it. From the caught number, continue to drop and catch. To be successful, you must catch a drop at exactly 21 points.