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Brianne Smythia

Brianne Smythia


(Toledo Children’s House-Level 3)

It is already one month into 2015 and we have been busy in Spanish with calendars, cultural holidays and learning new songs.

In Children’s House through Lower Elementary, we have learned about Three Kings Day. It is a huge celebration in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. There are parades, candy, parties and gifts. To finish our cultural lesson of this celebration, we made crowns.



In Children’s House, we are learning a new song about “Magic Words.” The words we are learning are “thank you, you are welcome, please, excuse me, nice to meet you and I am sorry.”  Click here to preview the song. This week the focus was on “thank you (gracias) and you are welcome (de nada).” To encourage the use of these words, the children drew pictures and then complimented each others’ work. It was very sweet.

IMG_9686 IMG_1914

In Lower Elementary, we created our own calendars. These calendars were done in the Latin style. The weeks start on Monday instead of Sunday. The students were able to decorate their calendars. It was a great work and wonderful to see their creativity. Also, we started learning our song, La Bamba, for Song Fest. Click here to here the song.



Making copo de nieve (snowflake) collares (necklaces)


Creating copo de nieve (snowflake) ornaments

Children’s House

Fall has inspired our lessons for the months of October and November. In October, we focused on the pumpkin (la calabaza). We used the calabaza to help us count to high numbers, to learn the orange and green colors and to serve as an model for beautiful artwork.


IMG_0404During November, so far, we have focused on the acorn (la bellota) and what eats acorns. We made a bellota out of a brown paper bag. Also, a new song about a squirrel (ardilla) named, “Lola”, who enjoys bellotas, has been introduced.

IMG_1383   IMG_1407

 Lower Elementary

A few highlights of the past weeks have been having dance lessons at the 3rd level fiesta, making paletas (Latin style popsicles) and studying about Diego Rivera.

IMG_0331   IMG_0389

Diego Rivera was a Mexican muralist who influenced the world by his art. The Detroit Museum of Art is home to some of his great murals. The students created beautiful art work inspired by Diego Rivera. They also wrote stories to accompany their creations.

     IMG_0369   IMG_0370   IMG_0382   IMG_0384

Spanish classes are off and running! It has been great seeing familiar faces and meeting new students. I have been blown away at the amount of Spanish the students are recalling after Summer break.

Children’s House

Over the past few weeks, the focus has been on numbers and colors. The students have been introduced to the calendar (calendario) and counting to higher numbers, while reviewing colors. Last week, the lesson was about leaves (las hojas). We played a counting game with leaves.


Lower Elementary

First and Second Level have been learning about parts of body. The students have created games and beautiful artwork. They especially enjoyed the games and song about the parts of the body from Rockalingua. The music video can be viewed here: Rockalingua.

IMG_0307       IMG_0301          IMG_0296


Third Level students have been introduced to personal pronouns and the verbs “ser” and “estar”. They have created plays, games and stories utilizing what they have learned in the lessons. We watched a few short videos for help reinforce the concepts, which can be found here: Personal Pronouns and Verbs.

IMG_0316 IMG_0315