(Toledo Children’s House-Level 3)

Small Group Time

Over the past two weeks we have been learning the words librito (little book), libro (book), revista (magazine) and pagina (page).  Each class had the opportunity to look a librito, libro and revista. The revista was mighty popular since it was a magazine from Mexico full of fun activities.

Children’s House will be making their own revistas next week. (Sassafras has already created their own revistas.) Lower Elementary is in the process of creating their own libros. They have already made covers. This upcoming week they will be writing out their stories completely in Spanish.

Our friend playing a game of “La Ropa” (the clothing) bingo.

Making a "marcador" (bookmark) with "corazones" (hearts).

Making a “marcador” (bookmark) with “corazones” (hearts).

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe November is here already. My first two months at West Side has been full of meeting new faces and getting to know your children. I have been amazed by their abilities and eagerness to learn.

Each month we have been focusing on a certain theme. September’s focus was colors and numbers. October’s focus was food with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables. November’s theme is animals. Did you know that some animal noises are different in Spanish? Dogs make a “guau, guau” sound and chickens make a “pio, pio” sound.

In levels 1-3, we have also been learning about different cultures and their traditions, such as the Mexican Day of the Dead. The level 3 students created a paper friend named Fransisco Ching-Wa-Chow. Fransisco is currently traveling in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. Pictures to come!

Here are a few links of songs and videos I have used in the classrooms: