Brianne Smythia


(Toledo Children’s House-Level 4)

Read the latest happening about CH-Level 4 Spanish. Brianne is the CH-Level 4 Spanish teacher. She grew up in Uruguay, South America, and loves sharing about the culture she was raised in and the Spanish language.


World Language Week!







The month of May was full of excitement! We celebrated our very first World Language Week. It was a beautiful week full of cross-level activities and multiple languages. The Children’s House students were introduced to Swahili, Arabic and Mandarin greetings. We played a game that incorporated Swahili, Arabic, Mandarin, French and Spanish. Lower Elementary and 4th level showcased their Spanish learning through plays, readings, crafts and games. It was a great week!




Children’s House, Lower Elementary & 4th Level Fiestas!





The end of the school is here and in order to celebrate all the great learning we did, we had fiestas! Children’s House made their own quesadillas. Lower Elementary and 4th Level threw their own fiestas and even made their own decor!










World Language Week cover

Please join us to celebrate World Language during the week of May 9-13!  It’s a week-long open house in our World Language classes, where family and friends are invited to attend classes and presentations at all levels. Come and see what we’re doing and learning!

World Language Week 2016 day-by-day schedule


Children’s House

Antoni Gaudí is one of Spain’s most famous architects and artists. He designed several buildings, lamp posts, sidewalk tiles and so on. His creations can be seen almost everywhere in Spain, especially in the city of Barcelona. We spent a week reading about him and his art. He was very well known for his mosaic work. Being inspired by his work, we made our own mosaic masterpieces.



Next up for us is learning about the body. Click here to listen to the new song we are learning. It is a fun one! It is about moving our bodies.

Lower Elementary & 4th Level

It was Right to Read Week last week. The LE & 4th level students challenged themselves by reading completely in Spanish. They took the time to copy down the words they knew from the books and were excited to see how much they have learned thus far.




Children’s House

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the traffic light (el semáfaro). We have been using the “El Semáfaro” song to learn about what each color means and what to do when it is that color. We have even made our own traffic lights to take home.

IMG_4330    IMG_4399


Lower Elementary

For 1st & 2nd Level, we have been learning about different modes of transportation. We have been working creating little stories to utilize the different types of transportation. Click here to watch a music video about what we have been learning.

3rd level has been busy working on a play which will be presented during World Language Week in April. More details to come!

4th Level

4th level has been researching the Spanish speaking countries. They presented their research to Children’s House in the form of plays and speeches. Next up is learning about grammar.

IMG_4296   IMG_4307

Children’s House

Since the beginning of 2016, we have been learning about transportation. We have started with the car. Car can be translated several ways, but we are focusing on “coche, auto, or carro.” We have been using puzzles, “coche” bingo and crafts to help us work the words into our everyday vocabulary.

We also have been learning a song about a bear (oso) hibernating. Click here to listen along.

IMG_4109        IMG_4129

Lower Elementary

We began the new year by making calendars in the Spanish format. The week starts on Monday instead of Sunday. We also learned about a few different Latin holidays. Once our calendars were complete, we got to work on learning about transportation. We have been singing songs, dancing and creating art based around different forms of transportation.

  IMG_4080     IMG_4131     IMG_4130

4th Level

There are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world and we are researching all of them. We will turn this work into skits and the students pose as travel agents.