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Brianne Smythia


(Toledo Children’s House-Level 4)

Read the latest happening about CH-Level 4 Spanish. Brianne is the CH-Level 4 Spanish teacher. She grew up in Uruguay, South America, and loves sharing about the culture she was raised in and the Spanish language.


Children’s House

Children’s House has been inspired by the Fall and is learning about the pumpkin. We have been learning a song called “Cinco Calabazas” (Five Pumpkins). In the song, each pumpkin has a different emotion. For our small group time, we have done counting work, hiding games and coloring.

IMG_3621     IMG_3620   IMG_3612






Lower Elementary

We celebrated our 40th Birthday by using our favorite Spanish words to create art.









Also, we have been learning about different jobs and emotions. In the pictures below, 3rd level created finger puppets of the jobs they would like to have one day. They used the puppets to have conversations in Spanish.

IMG_3591  IMG_3596

4th Level 

4th level has started to journey through Spanish speaking countries around the world. The students chose a country to study, research and create presentation for. A few students have partnered up for this project. We have been reading travel books, exploring the internet and watching a few travel videos. They have been excited to share what they are learning.











Children’s House

We have started our unit on the family. We have been learning the following words: la familia (the family), el papá (the dad), la mamá (the mom), el bebé (the baby), el hijo (the son) and la hija (the daughter). To learn these words, we have been using family characters, playing hiding games and creating art work.


Lower Elementary

We are continuing our focus on the family. We are taking the words and discovering how to use them to make sentences. First level has been choosing independent work in the classroom that reinforces what they have been introduced to. Third level will soon be creating a short play about the family.

4th Level

4th level is gearing up to preform their play, Los Pantalones de Papá (the pants of dad). The students have been busy creating props and memorizing lines. It will be a great show! Pictures to come.



Children’s House

Spanish started this week in Children’s House. The students are working on learning the Spanish Alphabet. They discovered that there are 4 extra letters in Spanish. Out of those 4 letters, they have been introduced to the letter “Ch”, which is pronounced “ch-yeh.” Next week, they will learn about “Ll” and ” ñ.”


Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary students have been focused on learning about the family (la familia). They have learned motions to go along with the Spanish names for each family member. Also, they have created colorful family artwork about their immediate family members.



4th Level

4th Level is embracing drama! They are learning a play called, “Los Pantalones de Papá” (Dad’s Pants). It is about a family who decided to help the father hem his pants for a party. The end result is quite funny! Every student has a speaking part. This week, they created name tags with the name of their character. Next week, they will create props and continue to practice.

IMG_3094 IMG_3097 IMG_3096