Ashley Christen


Read the latest news about the students’ work in Technology class on the Toledo Campus for students in Levels 1-8. Ashley Christen is the technology teacher and school librarian.

West Side Montessori is participating in ‘The Hour of Code’ for the third year in a row.  The ‘Hour of Code’ was created to expose children to computer programming. This movement was designed for people of all ages, and is celebrated in many schools and organizations across the world. Watch an introduction video here: Hour of Code 2015.

At WSM, the students have already started Computer Science lessons in many of the levels. These lessons have included programming vocabulary, unplugged lessons (lessons off the computer using materials to represent how the computer works), and coding on the computer.  Websites the students have used are: Hour of CodeTynker,  ScratchCodecademyKhan Academy. The students in levels 1-8 will be given lessons throughout the remainder of the school year.


This student is writing a code for cup-stacking. After writing the code, she will test her code and ‘debug’ the code if needed.


This student is writing a code for cup-stacking. After writing the code, he will test his code and ‘debug’ the code if needed.



These students are writing codes for various tasks.


“I love to code!” -4th level student


“I’m ready to code.” 4th level student.

The Middle School students explored the campus and looked for letters while exploring. The students took pictures on ipads and edited the images.   The pictures were compiled into a Happy Birthday sign to celebrate West Side’s big birthday.

Happy Birthday WSM

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  At West Side Montessori, the students are doing various activities to participate.

Students in 1st and 2nd levels listened to “Franklin’s New Friend” by Paulette Bourgeois. Following the book, we discussed the characteristics of a kind friend.  Next, we discussed games and activities the students complete on electronic devices.  We also discussed how to be a kind friend when communicating on electronic devices.


The Upper Grades took a Digital Citizenship Pledge.  They pledge to communicate responsibly and kindly with one another, protect their own and others’ private information online, stand up to cyberbullying, respect each other’s ideas and opinions, and to give proper credit when they use others’ work.

Digital Citizenship will be taught throughout the year in all levels.  The following link has great tips for students to follow at home.

Common Sense Media

Binary is a way of representing information using only two options. Upper Elementary students learned how important binary is in the computer world.  The majority of computers today store all sorts of information in binary form.  Students made bracelets using black and white beads to create their initial. Students will be learning more computer science lessons this year, including coding.

Interested in coding? Try it out at!



UE students are making binary bracelets using black and white beads.

Binary Bracelet

The binary  key that was used to create their bracelets. Black beads are 0s, white beads are 1s.

IMG_2994 (2)

Binary Bracelet, the Letter A