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Ashley Christen

Ashley Christen

Read the latest news about the students’ work in Technology class on the Toledo Campus for students in Levels 1-8. Ashley Christen is the technology teacher and school librarian.

Technology is a tool that can be used in many productive ways.  However, overuse can lead to a variety of social, emotional, and even health problems.  Technology is here to stay, but you may ask how you can help your child balance their time.  The following two websites give tips and advice for balancing screen time in your home.

To honor Theodor Giesel’s (Dr. Seuss) birthday on March 2nd, the library has been decorated with beautiful artwork created by WSM’s students in Art class. Even Papa Bear dressed up for the occasion.   Come on in and take a look!


The Lower Elementary has been researching United States landmarks.  They are finishing up their research and will be presenting this week and next.

First Level- Typed their research in Microsoft Word.  They changed font sizes and colors, inserted an image, and also inserted a hand drawing of their landmark. Look for their final copy to be coming home!

Second Level-Created a PowerPoint with their information.  They added a design template, transitions, sounds, and inserted a image of their landmark.  They will present their PowerPoint on the big screen in Technology.  If you would like a copy of your child’s PowerPoint, send me an e-mail.

Third Level- Created a poster in Microsoft Publisher. They designed the layout of the poster and inserted images.  They peer edited and revised their work many times. A print out of their work will be coming home.


mount rushmore 2


6th Level students constructed a scale from LEGOs.  They weighed did different sized blocks and recorded the data.  Next, the students will transfer the data they recorded into an Excel spreadsheet and create a chart with their data.


Students measuring and recording data.


Students measuring various objects.

Teaching students to be a responsible digital citizen is a primary focus of the Technology curriculum at West Side Montessori.  We use the Common Sense Media Curriculum with our students. Their website is full of helpful resources, for parents, teachers, and students.

“Just Google It:” 

Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) students evaluated three kid-safe search engines and completed a checklist based on the following questions:

  • How can you search this site?
  • What else can you do at this search site?
  • What kind of information do you see on the results page?

This activity gave the students more options when researching rather than “Just googling it.” The websites used during class are listed below:

Next time your student needs to research a topic for school, think beyond just “google it.” Ask your child if there are other resources available.