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Ashley Christen

Read the latest news about the students’ work in Technology class on the Toledo Campus for students in Levels 1-8. Ashley Christen is the technology teacher and school librarian.

This week in Technology I am reading aloud the book, “The Listening Walk,” by Paul Showers.  This book illustrates a child’s walk with her father.  She listens carefully to her surroundings. She discovers more about the world around her by keeping her body peaceful and opening up all her senses.   After reading the book, we listened closely with peaceful bodies for 2 minutes to the world around us.

After the activity the students completed an activity on the computer.

Lower Elementary: Students drew a picture in Microsoft Paint of something they observed in nature.  They added a text box and described what they observed.  I encouraged the students to include an onomatopoeia!

Upper Elementary: Students created a Power Point of their listening walk. They have a title slide, and 3 slides describing what they observed using rich vocabulary.  For example, one student’s slide looked like this:


  • Bright yellow as the sun
  • Cheep! Cheep!
  • Stripes of black

Next week they will add animations and transitions to their slides and begin presentations.


Students observing Nature quietly for two minutes after listening to the book.