Ashley Christen


Read the latest news about the students’ work in Technology class on the Toledo Campus for students in Levels 1-8. Ashley Christen is the technology teacher and school librarian.


Across the world, families are participating in “Screen-Free Week.”  Screen-Free week is an annual event that nearly 300 million people have participated in.  The challenge is simple, for one week, turn off the devices (other than, for school or work use.) Replace the time spent on devices with reading, exploring nature, or spending time with family.  For More information click here.

I challenged my students to participate in this event, even if it was just for 24 hours!

Here is a list of activities to replace with “screen time”



Students in levels 1-8 received a Hawaiian Lei for our Right to Read Week Celebration. Even Papa Bear participated in the fun!


Today was the start of Right to Read Week at West Side Montessori.  It kicked off with Hawaiian Shirt Day and an Opening Ceremony in the Commons.


Hawaiian Shirt Day!


The teachers acted out a Reader’s Theater during the Right to Read Week Opening Ceremony.


Students worked together to decode a secret phrase.



Decoded! The words are WEST SIDE MONTESSORI

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday: Wear a Lei Day

Wednesday: DEAR Day and Read a Shirt Day

Thursday: Michael Glenn Monroe visits levels 1-8 and School Spirit Day!

Friday: Bring a Beach Towel Day!


Mobile Montessori

Are you looking for educational apps to make the most of your child’s screen time? Mobile Montessori has apps that mimic work that students are exposed to in their classroom. The apps are primarily for preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary children and include geography, language, math, and science.



Common Sense Media is a great tool for parents and students. This website provides education and advocacy to promote safe technology and media for children.

Wondering if  an app is appropriate for your child’s age level? Or is your child looking for a book to read for spring break? This site reviews books, apps, movies, games, and websites.  The site is easy to use and a great website for hot topic technology topics as well. Here are two links to get started:

Common Sense Media Parent Concerns

Common Sense Media- Top Picks


DLD_Logo_ForWebToday is Digital Learning Day (DLD)!  It is a day celebrated throughout the world to strengthen students’ learning by using Technology effectively and efficiently.

Upper Elementary students are celebrating at West Side Montessori by taking a tour through websites that they can use as tools for reference.

The website are: (Practice typing at home with this fun game!) (Check a book’s AR level from anywhere!) (This website is a great resource to events and books, and even e-books that can be downloaded for free to your own personal device!) (This website is great for all ages.  It provides a vast amount of information on many topics.)

Lower Elementary students are researching landmarks throughout the United States. They have been on “virtual field trips” to many famous landmarks around the country using Google Earth.  They are researching the history of the landmarks and drafting research papers. Be on the look out for their final product soon! You can take a “virtual field trip” to anyplace in the world with your child tonight!

Google Earth