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Kyrie Lee

Kyrie Lee

Molly Bernhardt

Molly Bernhardt

Bluebird Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Molly Bernhardt and Kyrie Lee are the classroom’s co-teachers.

100-day1Monday, Feb. 2, is the 100th day of the school year and the Lower Elementary teachers have many engaging activities planned for the day.

Students are asked to help celebrate by making a 100-day collection. Students are to collect 100 of something and bring their items to school on Monday. The 100th day collections will be shared during each classroom’s morning meeting.

Get creative! It’s always amazing to see the wonderful ideas each child comes up with such as 100 Lego sculpture, 100 picture poster, and 100 cotton ball snowman.  Have fun!


To start off  the 100th Day celebration, your student also is invited to bring 100 pieces of their favorite cereal in a personalized resalable plastic bag. Each class will have breakfast with a smile that day. Now that’s a tasty way to start the day!

Let it Snow…

This year’s lower elementary theme is Nature and You…not just on the beautiful sunny days but even the cold, snowy ones.  Today we bundled up and spent a morning just enjoying our friends and nature.  Alhough the children don’t think about all of the learning that is taking place, we observed the children developing social skills as they navigated sharing 9 spray bottles of colored water, 4 sleds, and two soccer net “targets”with 70 friends.  Of course this also lead to emotional lessons as well!   Physical development was evident as they pulled one another on sleds, climbed up the play structure to slide into the snow, jumped into piles of snow, and threw snowballs.  While building a snow castle, snowman, or rainbow colored “crystal”, creativity was fostered.  Teachers and children alike had so much fun!


The Lower Elementary Nature Wonderland

Friday, January 16 • 10-11 a.m.

The Lower Elementary children will experience a “Nature Wonderland” this Friday, Jan. 16, from 10-11 a.m.  The children should wear their winter coat and bring along boots, snow pants, gloves, and a hat. The children will participate in fun outdoor activities. After the outdoor play, the children will enjoy warm hot chocolate.





Delicious Thanks!

Thank you to all of the parents that donated time and items for our annual winter breakfast.  Smita Patel and Sherri Liedberg organized a feast.  We know it’s difficult enough to get out the door with the children in the morning.  But to also manage to bring in some cold juice or a warm dish…a near miracle!  The Bluebird Room is so appreciative.  It was especially nice to see all of you interacting with the children and one another.  Thanks again for all you do to make the events so special!  Molly and Kyrie


Our Prehistoric Museum

How proud we were to share our museum with friends and families!  The students had been working for weeks on research that began with the study of the Timeline of Life.  Third level chose an era to research, second level chose a prehistoric animal, and first level chose a fossil.  Each student read information on the chosen topic, gathered interesting facts in their culture notebooks, and typed a finished product.  Seeing as we are The Creative Crocodiles, the research came to life in many ways.  Posters, timelines, life sized paintings, 3-D models, dioramas, and plaster fossils were all created.  The Friday before Winter break, the room became our museum as the children displayed and presented their hard work.

Cole and Evan shared facts on the Tasmanian Tiger with Marc Brown

Cole and Evan  shared facts on the Tasmanian Tiger with Marc Brown while Daivik read about the sabertooth tiger.

Elizabeth shared her assigned research as well as a few extra pieces!

Elizabeth shared her assigned research as well as a few extra pieces!

Colin's Lipluorodon painting is the perfect backdrop for Jenna, Madrin, and Cooper in the Paleozoic era.

Colin’s Lipluorodon painting is the perfect backdrop for Jenna, Madrin, and Cooper in the Paleozoic era.

Madison and Joy share Mesozoic research with Myla's mom.  Jenna's pterabird painting is quite fierce!

Madison and Joy share Mesozoic research with Myla’s mom. Jenna’s pterabird painting is quite fierce!