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Tonya Reynolds

Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.


The Helpful Hounds

It has been a joy to spend every day teaching your child.  We wish you a healthy, relaxing, family-filled winter break.  See you in 2015!



Thank you to all the parents who sent in breakfast food and helped out in our classroom today!


Playing Dreidel.



Coloring a gingerbread man.


Helping to decorate our gingerbread houses.



Our finished products!



Enjoying the special breakfast!








Third graders from the fall committee proudly display a cart full of goodies for the Toledo Area Humane Society.  Donations came from all three lower elementary classrooms and will help animals in need in our region.  Thanks to everyone who donated items!

Natalie and the Spirit Committee 

Students in the Lower Elementary have a need to share with others and help each other out.  The Helpful Hounds wrote letters this week to a 12 year old boy with Autism.  His wish for the holidays was to receive lots of mail!  Our students wanted to help him out by writing letters to him. Students did not sign their names or tell what school he or she attends for privacy reasons.  Each student received a lesson in how to properly address an envelope.  This was a fun and purposeful way to learn the practical life skill of letter writing.    Hopefully, our letters help make his wish come true!  

The Helpful Hounds worked together in cooperative groups of four to discuss the difference between a want and need.  In each cooperative group a student was responsible for a leadership job such as recorder, speaker, leader, or timekeeper.  Each student gave one example of a want and a need in their group.  After five minutes the groups came back together to discuss as a community.  The Fundamental Needs of People were introduced.  Clothing, food, housing, defense, arts, and transportation were all represented by objects that students placed on the Fundamental Needs chart.  This is a great time of year to discuss with your child the differences between wants and needs! 









Working in a cooperative group.


Discussing wants and needs.









Choosing an object from the needs bag.







Placing a plane on the transportation section of the fundamental needs chart.

On Friday, December 5th students went shopping at the Buy Local Sale held in our Commons area.  Middle School students picked up our Lower Elementary friends and helped them choose, pick out, and pay for goodies for family and friends.  What a wonderful way to experience the practical life skill of shopping.  Thank you to our middle school friends for helping us shop!