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Tonya Reynolds

Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Current Lower Elementary parents and kindergarten parents are encouraged to attend this year’s Lower Elementary Parent Programs to learn more about Montessori’s unique curriculum for children’s ages 6-9 years old. This monthly event will be from 3:45-5 p.m. on the following dates:

Tuesday, Sept. 16
Elementary Montessori: Sparking the Imagination
Presented by Lynn Fisher

Thursday, Oct.r 9
Exploring the Lower Elementary Montessori Materials and Curriculum
Presented by Molly Bernhardt, Tonya Reynolds, and Terie Alvarez

Thursday, Nov. 13
Supporting Your Child: Hints for Home
Presented by the Student Services Team

Wednesday, Jan. 14
Understanding the Montessori Approach to Student Evaluations and Progress Reports
Presented by Kyrie Lee, Deb Kelleher, and Natalie Fisher

Thursday, April 23
Let Me Teach You: Exploring Montessori Materials with Your Child
Presented by Your Child


Welcome to our new first level!


Welcome to our second level!


Here are the new role models! The new third level helpers.

We are excited to meet all of our first level and new students and parents on Monday, August 18th at the Parent Interviews.

  First level students will have time to explore, discover, and learn more about the Goldfinch room on Tuesday, August 19th from 8:30-11:00.

A Parent Luncheon is on Tuesday, August 19th from 12-1.  You will have the opportunity to eat lunch, mingle with fellow Goldfinch parents and learn all about the Goldfinch classroom.

All returning students will start their adventure on Wednesday, August 20th!  Natalie and I are excited to hear about all the summer activities.