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Tonya Reynolds

Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.

The annual fundraising event is fast approaching. An outdoor entertainment center was made by Anna’s grandpa. It is beautiful!  Now we need parent volunteers to finish it up for the auction.  We are in need of a parent to purchase supplies. There is a budget set aside for this.  In addition, one or two parents to supervise and guide our students through the painting process would be wonderful.  We will work around whatever time you have available to come into the classroom.  We are meeting with our art teacher to hear her suggestions on how best to finish off our project.  Ultimately, we would love to have this project finished up by April 24th.  Please let us know if you have a heart for art and can help the Goldfinch students in completing this project.  Thank you!!


The Helpful Hounds concluded their European travels this week.  Each student packed his or her suitcase and said farewell.  We learned the names, capitals, and flags of several countries.  Even more enticing was exploring the cultures of this diverse continent.  In zoology lessons, we studied the biomes, animals, and plants of the regions.  In geography, we were enthralled with the clothing, food, housing, landmarks, and customs of these cultures.  Experiencing a part of our diverse world was unforgettable.


The Helpful Hounds were taken aback by a mischievous visitor on St. Patrick’s Day!  As the children settled into the classroom, they observed several messed up areas.  From a knocked over stool, to an upside down March calendar label, to a note on the board that said, “Hi, friends”.  We decided it must have been a little, green leprechaun!  

During our work day the students participated in several patty day activities. From writing, to reading and discussing St. Patrick day stories, to graphing and playing a pot of gold math game, we all had a fun day.  

The third grade Spirit Committee organized a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt around the school this week. Each student can look for objects in the hallways and lobby. Once found the student can check the item off on his or her checklist. The locations will be revealed to all of the lower elementary students on Friday afternoon. Thanks to the Spirit Committee for organizing this exciting event. In our room that is Gracie, Jack O., and Jason.  



As the culmination to the third level study on the United States of America third level students chose a famous person to research.  As part of this research they also wrote about the state that this person was born in, lived in, or worked in.  From the initial idea of who to research, to taking notes on a graphic organizer, writing the rough draft, editing with a peer and a teacher to typing up the final copy this was a BIG work.  Students presented their findings to the community dressed as their famous person might look.  The first and second levels enjoyed learning about these famous people through their favorite teachers- the third level!


Walt Disney









Juliette Low and Bruce Lee









Martin Luther King









Abraham Lincoln







From left to right: John Muir, Albert Einstein, and Barack Obama









The week of March 2nd was spent celebrating the work of Dr. Seuss.  Each day a special guest reader visited the classroom to share a favorite Dr. Seuss book.  Students brought in a favorite Dr. Seuss book or stuffed animal to share with others.  Lessons on Friday all revolved around his marvelous writings.  During community time a book and snack “Dr. Seuss” style was enjoyed by all. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!


A special treat of green eggs after hearing The Green Eggs and  Ham story.





Showing off our Lorax mustaches













Thank you to our guest readers!







Our special guests for the day








Wearing our Dr. Seuss hats





Listening to a Dr. Seuss story






Writing about favorite Dr. Seuss stories










Playing tic- tac- toe with green eggs and ham






Partner reading Dr. Seuss


Are you my Mother?













Go Dog Go!









Green Eggs and Ham