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Tonya Reynolds

Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.

  • Just a reminder to send in warm clothes, snow pants and boots on snowy days.  Children are able to leave their snow clothes in the classroom during the week if you prefer.  Send them in plastic bags that can be hung on coat hooks. It is necessary that children have boots and winter coats on cold days.  We go outside when temperatures dip down to 25 degrees.  We do factor in wind chills.  Please make sure that you label all coats, boots, etc.. If students are to stay in from recess, we do need a doctors note.  
  • Please make sure your child is able to put on his or her outdoor clothes independently.  Putting on gloves, winter boots, and zipping winter coats takes practice to do independently.  It is age appropriate for children to learn these self-care tasks. 
  • Level 2 and 3 students should practice nightly for fact tests and spelling tests.  It has to be a team effort between home and school to build up these skills. Thanks!

Thanks for all of your help each day!  We love teaching your children!

The Goldfinch classroom had a visitor from the past.  Dressed in her colonial clothes, Natalie’s mom, shared with the class a little about the lives of colonial children.  From daily chores of making butter or tending to the garden, the Goldfinch students learned about the hardships and fun times for these colonial children.  The most exciting part was learning about the colonial games.  Games like hide and seek and tag were among colonial favorites, just like today.  However, the game of Grace, tarts with corn husks, and 9 pins were similar versions to today’s games that colonial children enjoyed.  It was all up to the dads to whittle the games out of wood.  As simple as the colonial games were, the Goldfinch children loved playing them.  Thanks, Karen for coming in!



Several times a month the students work with a math helper.  Students can choose between several math games that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, algebra, and place value.  Thank you to Pratima, Michelle, and Marci for helping the students!









Each Wed. several third graders read to kindergarten classrooms.  It is a favorite activity for all!


Third level students are learning about the parts of a mountain. Each student chose a part of the mountain and created a small size poster with the label, definition, and a picture.  We then headed out in search of mountains.  Oh, how I wish there were mountains around here!  Alas, we used a play structure on the Upper Elementary playground as our make believe mountain.  Students read their posters and took the position of his or her part on the play structure.  

"The Mountain"

“The Mountain”