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Tonya Reynolds

Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.

September will be full of many opportunities for your child to become familiar and comfortable in the Goldfinch community.  Every Monday a community time is planned where we will take hikes together, learn more about each other, and begin to understand how the Goldfinch community works together as a team.  For first level we will continue to be assessing during the first month.  We will be touching on the concepts listed below.

  • The Great Lesson- Third level will be demonstrating experiments that demonstrate the law of gravity, the law of inertia, evaporation, the three states of matter and much more. All  students will be given the opportunity to practice many of these experiments independently.
  • Zoology- Students are gearing up for a trip to a local wetland.  In the classroom, we will be exploring the vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants that make up his special, and threatened habitat.
  • Botany- Students will be learning the parts of a plant. Each level will  dive deeper into the purposes and types of each part of the plant.  Hikes, projects, and hands on experiments will fill our September.

Math and language lessons occur each morning in our classroom.  Due to the individual nature of  these lessons we must refrain from sharing topics. Our students ability levels are expansive. Please check your child’s Friday folder for the concepts we are reviewing and practicing.

The Goldfinch Community took the opportunity to observe monarchs in all stages of their lives this past week.  Several monarchs hatched and were set loose into the environment.  Thank you Natalie for bringing in the eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalises!  We have many monarch choices out for the students.  Look for some beautiful choice work to be coming home in the future! 







If you glanced in the observation window of the Goldfinch classroom last Monday or Tuesday you would have spotted 11 super first graders!  What a joy and honor it is to welcome these new students into the Goldfinch community.  Together the first level listened to the story Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis.  Ladybug Girl uses her talents and gifts to help out her environment. A discussion followed about how the new first level could use their own superpowers in our classroom.  The students loved this story. Ladybug Girl is a series- check it out at your local library!






Super First Graders on the job at Westside Montessori!







We are ready for a super year!

The Great Lesson

If the idea of the universe is presented to the child in the right way, it will do more for him than just arouse his interest, for it will create in him admiration and wonder, a feeling loftier than any interest and more satisfying. ~ Maria Montessori

Lower Elementary students started the new school year with the Great Lesson this morning. It provides students with a “big picture” of the world and life and sparks their imagination to contemplate not only the past, but the future.

What did your child learn in the Great Lesson today?

Parenting the Montessori Elementary Child

Does your child follow the ground rules at school, but constantly challenge your expectations at home?

Join WSM Head of School Lynn Fisher for a four-week class: Parenting the Montessori Elementary Child. See below for details and register online TODAY at or stop by the Toledo Campus office for a paper registration form.