Tonya Reynolds

Natalie Fisher

Goldfinch Room is a Lower Elementary classroom for levels 1-3 on the Toledo Campus. Natalie Fisher and Tonya Reynolds are the classroom’s co-teachers.

All the French classes are getting ready for World Language Week, where they will share their learning with friends and family.  Here are 3rd level Goldfinch students practicing their play, Les trois petits cochons (The Three Little Pigs.)


Speaking along with a video helps build fluency.


Students highlight their lines in the text.


Be expressive! (No problem!)


Le loup frappe à la porte — The wolf knocks on the door.

Thank you Emily Miller for visiting our classroom as the Mystery Reader.  Emily didn’t bring a book though!  She told a story instead of reading a story.  Storytelling is an art.   The students helped with sound effects as Emily told the story.  Emily also created a special art work for the ending.  Each child also had the opportunity to recreate the story in the making of his or her own craft.  In addition, Emily brought a yummy snack to share.  The Intelligent Eagles created bird nests out of pretzels and added an egg to the nest.  Whether reading a book or listening to a story handed down by generations of the past reading is fun.



























Grandparents Event Cover

We cordially invite you to attend Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day!

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the children in their classrooms. The students are always so happy and proud to share their space with loved ones. We hope that you can join us!

Q: What day should my child’s grandparent/special friend come visit?

A: We are lucky to have so many grandparents/special friends in our community! To accommodate all our visitors, we host 2 days for visits. Look for your child’s program in the list below to determine what day their guests should arrive.

Friday, May 6 -Toledo Campus
– Little House students enrolled in W-F classes
– Little House students enrolled in M-F classes
– All Children’s House students
– All students in levels 1-8 Friday,

Friday, May 6 – Perrysburg Campus
– Little House students enrolled in W-F classes

Monday, May 9 – Toledo Campus
– Little House students enrolled in M-T classes

Monday, May 9 – Perrysburg Campus
– Little House students M/T classes
– Little House students M-F classes
– All Children’s House students

Please feel free to call the offices with questions:
Toledo – 419-866-1931
Perrysburg – 419-874-9385

We have another busy month of field trips and events.  Please continue to check the blog for updates as the month continues.

Muffins for Moms- May 3

Zoo Field Trip- May 4

Grandparent’s Day- May 6

Field Day- May 23

5K Dub- May 24

Put-In Bay Field Trip (third level only) – May 25

Language- Wrapping up the year involves teaching new concepts and reviewing the old.

First Level will continue to work with the article, adjective, noun, and verb.  The final part of speech for the year, the adverb, will be introduced this month.  In addition, first level will hopefully be starting AR.  It was my goal to start in April but with standardized testing, Right to Read Week, and ORFF practices it was not possible.

Second Level will work with comparatives, conjunctions, abbreviations, and quotations.

Third Level- Oh how they will be missed! These wonderful students will begin detective reading, review all the parts of speech,  practice abbreviations, and work on Daily Oral Language assignments.

Health- We will continue on with the study of the human body.

First Level- We will dive into the remaining five senses.

Second Level- Students will continue on with the study of bones, muscles, and joints.

Third Level- Oh how they will be missed!  My role models will study the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Math-  All levels will be measuring using gallons, quarts, cups, and spoons. Students will learn to make conversions using our measuring person.  They will see that two cups equals a pint and so on.  Hands-on work with rice and some cooking will help students get hands-on experience measuring.  

In math, the first graders will continue working on subtraction with the small bead frame.  They will also work on the concept of multiplication using the golden beads and stamp game.  The colored bead bars and other materials will help them practice their multiplication facts. The second graders, will continue to use the Montessori bank game for solving multiplication equations with double digit multipliers. There will be many projects to practice math facts. Finally, the third graders will practice a lot of abstract multiplication and division work to make a better imprint in their brain.  I want to get them set up well for fourth grade. They will also work with number patterns and study some early algebra concepts.  

Prior to school being out, I will blog ideas to keep math skills fresh over the summer.  It is amazing what students can forget if they do not do weekly math practice.  Look for ideas in late May!

Culture with Natalie will be a culmination of our zoology studies.  All levels will explore the life cycles of the frog, meal worm, and ants.  Our new Montessori life cycle work with rebus stories, nomenclature cards, and artifacts will make learning especially exciting.  We will also have the real animals to study.  We can’t wait for frog eggs to be collected from our pond.  Natalie will bring in meal worms that will metamorphosis into beetles. She will also bring a living ant farm. Each student will be able to choose an animal research project of their liking. We will wrap up the year by sharing our projects at our Animal Extravaganza event.  





World Language Week cover

Please join us to celebrate World Language during the week of May 9-13!  It’s a week-long open house in our World Language classes, where family and friends are invited to attend classes and presentations at all levels. Come and see what we’re doing and learning!

World Language Week 2016 day-by-day schedule