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Toledo Campus
(419) 866-1931
7115 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43615-3010
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Perrysburg Campus
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13587 Roachton Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551-1154
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McMaster Middle School

Tom Strong

Tom Strong

Mary Brandon

Mary Brandon

The McMaster Middle School is located on the Toledo Campus for levels 7 and 8. Mary Brandon and Tom Strong are the classroom’s co-teachers.

One goal the middle school has for the year is to use the beautiful West Side grounds more. So, we went outside for a journaling activity. We explored the trails in the woods, chose a place to write, and began writing about the experience using our five senses. When we finished writing, we had a choice of sketching a picture using colored pencils or just a normal pencil. I chose to draw leaves around my writing. I thought it was a wonderful journaling activity and enjoyed writing out in the woods! Everyone wrote about something different. After this activity, we headed back to the patio outside of our classroom and read from the book Animal Farm.


Eric Slotterbeck chose to write about a toad and illustrate his work.

Below are some samples of student journaling. Happy reading!

I take in the autumn air, the smell of crunched leaves, and the mossy air through my nose. The sight of green sliding into vibrant colors and drifting down. The trees becoming barer by the hour. Birds are cawing on their move down south, crickets are harmonizing, wind is rustling the leaves, and the sound of children playing fills the air. The taste of a fresh, crisp, juicy apple is stuck in my mind, pumpkin flavored everything fills the stores and my imagination. Leaves are between my toes and fingers; I rake the cold hardening ground in my hands. by – Kate

Taste: The cool air blowing past like the way people in New York walk along the streets.

See: See the leaves just starting to change color. See squirrels prancing along chasing each other. See trees that are just sprouting. See trees that have been here for decades and will be for many more.

I see Alicia working on writing and watch when she picks up a bug. I see Mary going around taking photos of all of us working in the woods. It is a peaceful setting. Looking down the pathway I see memories in bursts from gym class to peaceful walks. Memories created with friends and family. I know these are people with whom I will be close forever. by – Lily

I see green and yellow struggling for dominance as summer burns to fall. I see towering giants of wood and bark. I hear the voices of bugs and birds. I smell the grass in the wind. I am one with nature! by – Aidan

I smell the rotted forest smell, the smell of new life, of undergrowth and green. I smell the earth, its rich life giving to everything around it, a home where everyone can thrive.           by – Lydia

WSM Middle School – nature, laughter, learning – Magic!


Power of the Pen

7th and 8th grade competitive creative writing team

Supply Fee $10.00 per writer

Practice: Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30


District Competition:

Saturday, January 23

9am to 3pm @ Tiffin Middle School in Tiffin, OH


Regional Competition:

Wednesday, March 2

9am – 3pm @ Lourdes University in Sylvania, OH


State Competition:

Thursday and Friday

Date TBA either May 19 & 20 or 26 & 27

Thursday at 1pm – Friday at 4pm

@ The College of Wooster in Wooster, OH


Authors’ Night

Wednesday, April 13

6pm – 8pm @ WSM in the Commons

Writing Showcase

Family and Friends Invited to Attend!


Students enjoy having snack during our POP workshops.

Please sign up to bring a well balanced snack.

OctoberMSNews click to view

Day One at ACE

The day started off at 4:45am or earlier for most of the middle school students and teachers. Tired but excited, we all climbed aboard the bus and waved goodbye to our families as we settled in for the long drive. While on the bus, we entertained ourselves by playing cards, watching movies, and chatting with the people around us. Just over 6 hours later, we arrived at ACE. Promptly upon arrival, we did the first activity, rock climbing and rappelling. Many climbed up the steep face of the cliff, and others rappelled down a different section of the steep rock. Stay tuned to see what happened on day two of ACE!

Posted by Sarah, 7th Grade Student


Repelling down the rock.


Rock Climbing



Sweet September Sundae Begins at 2 p.m.


See You Today


West Side Montessori is excited to share its 40th Birthday surprise with ALL its families at Sweet September Sundae today. The festivities begin at 2 p.m. at the Toledo Campus (7115 Bancroft) with fun activities for the WHOLE family – bouncy houses, games, student-led trail walks, music! Bring your folding chairs and blankets to picnic on pizza, watermelon, ice cream sundaes, and, of course, BIRTHDAY CAKE.

At 3 p.m., Lynn Fisher, WSM’s founder and head of school, will gather everyone on the McMaster Middle School porch for her surprise announcement! Following the announcement, the activities will continue until 4:30 p.m.

The weather looks perfect, so plan on joining us for the annual fall tradition!