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Toledo, OH 43615-3010
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McMaster Middle School

Tom Strong

Tom Strong

Mary Brandon

Mary Brandon

The McMaster Middle School is located on the Toledo Campus for levels 7 and 8. Mary Brandon and Tom Strong are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Congratulations to WSM’s Middle School students who participated at the annual MathCOUNTS competition at the University of Toledo on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The Middle School team placed ninth out of 18 area schools. Team members include: Hanna Ahmad (8), Alex Desser (7), Sean Fernandez (8), Rachel Gorman (8), Zaynab Lazreq (8), Rebecca Martin (7), Kathryn Rex (8), Henry Thomas (7), and Emelie Wagner (7). A total of 139 students participated at the competition.

MathCOUNTS is a national enrichment, coaching, club, and competition program that motivates and rewards middle school students for math achievement. The local event is sponsored by the Toledo Society of Professional Engineers.

MLK awardMiddle School recently participated in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Writing, Art, and Multimedia contest, sponsored by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. This year students from around the state of Ohio had to choose a dream that they have and express it in the form of writing, art, or multimedia based on the following question:

What are you doing or what will you do to communicate your dream(s) to your school/community, and build a legacy that will influence and inspire others to take similar action? 

One of West Side Montessori’s Middle School students, Emma Morgenstern, won first place in the essay writing contest in the 7th grade division. Her essay targeted the ongoing issue of bullying. Fellow MS student, Zaynab Lazreq, won first place for the art contest. Zaynab’s artwork expressed her longing for coexistence in the 8th grade division.

Emma and Zaynab’s work will be recognized at the Ohio Civil Rights Commission program on Thursday, Feb. 26, in Columbus!

Congratulations to Emma and Zaynab!

On Sunday, Jan. 25, West Side Montessori held its annual Open House. Several graduates came back and helped out. They gave tours, greeted visitors, played with the middle school band, and chatted in the language arts room. It was such a delight to see them.

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WSM’s Middle School writers at POP District Tournament


Eighth Grade Writers

WSM’s Middle School Power of the Pen Team had outstanding team and individual performances at this year’s District Tournament held on Saturday, Jan. 24. The seventh grade team earned second place overall, including “Best of Round” recognition for Hank Thomas in the second of three stories written. Megan Vesoulis and Rebecca Martin earned seventh and eighth place, respectively.

Also earning individual awards were eighth grade students Zaynab Lazreq and Rachel Gorman. Zaynab earned first place and Rachel placed third overall. Rachel also received an honorable mention “Best of Round” in round two. The eighth grade class didn’t meet the minimum number of students needed to compete as a team.

Power of the Pen meets weekly after-school and is coached by Middle School Language Arts teacher, Mary Brandon.


Seventh Grade Team

WSM’s Seventh Grade Team


Picture 1

Photograph taken by Kathryn


Bare Bones
By: Sean

A cold, cold army

dead, barren, yet beautiful



the bristle, the rustle


a feeling of emptiness

rising wind

“le vent se lève”


Crystalline Dancers
By: Zaynab

A once undisturbed expanse is layered in footsteps, trampling the delicate figures, white crystalline skirts like ice doilies that twirl through the sky and land where I step. Crunch! The wind rustles leaves from the past season, a faint tinkle in the background of true beauty. Snow. It covers the once vibrant green grass in a thick layer. I breathe in a clean, sharp, precise breath, it colds my senses, biting me. When I breathe out a cloud escapes me. It rises toward the cerulean sky.


Picture 2

Photograph taken by Emelie


Walking in the Wintery Woods
By: Emelie

I look up at the tall oak tree. It has crystal white flakes on it’s bare branches. It expands above me. The snow crunches under my contrasting pink boots. Each time I take a breath in, winter frost pains my nose. Flakes of bright white snow are everywhere.


Pristine White Snow
By: Emma

Sun shining,

snow crunching,

snowflakes falling.

My face stained bright red with cold.

Snowflakes delicately cascading,

landing on pristine white snow.