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Karner Blue


Andrew Sautter

Jenny Kettler

Jenny Kettler

Karner Blue Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Jenny Kettler and Andrew Sautter are the classroom’s co-teachers.

The Food Committee for next week’s Harvest Celebration is excited to share that they have finalized their menu! Children will be able to sample:

  •    Sweet potato casserole
  •    Chocolate chip cookies
  •    Mummy dogs (beef hot dogs with breading)
  •    Cheesy bones (breadsticks with dip)
  •    Pumpkin pie
  •    Skeleton and brains (vegetables with dip)
  •    Roasted pumpkin seeds
  •    Apple cider

Children should still pack a lunch next Wednesday.

Research Process Developed During Independent Investigations

At the Upper Elementary level, an Independent Investigation (II) is an independent research project. The time span for this project is 6-8 weeks. Due dates are “chunked” to support children with time management.

During the II, children are guided through the entire process of doing a research report. These skills are discussed and taught during the II:

  • Choosing a topic that is neither too broad nor too specific
  • Selecting appropriate books
  • Recording information for a works cited page
  • Finding relevant facts and recording facts on note cards
  • Categorizing information to develop a graphic organizer or outline
  • Writing a rough draft from a graphic organizer or outline
  • Writing an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph
  • Revising and editing the rough draft
  • Developing a final draft that includes a cover page, title page, and works cited page

presentationAs part of the Independent Investigation, each child will deliver a presentation to share the information that s/he has learned. Skills for the presentation include:

  • Preparing speech note cards
  • Delivering a speech to a group
  • Creating a visual aid (poster) to display information in an eye-catching way

For this trimester, sixth level will research Native American tribes and fourth and fifth level children will be researching animals. Information to include in the report is:

  • Fourth Level – physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior
  • Fifth Level – physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior, reproduction

Students will present their research during the week of December 8. Watch details on how you can watch the presentations.

Group photo in front of the dining hall

Our intrepid and fearless campers

Yes, she ate a worm!

Yes, she ate a worm!

Paddles ready! Head for the canoes!

Paddles ready! Head for the canoes!

Ready to climb the tower!

Ready to climb the tower!

Each year, the sixth level children look forward to their annual trip to Camp Storer. With lots programs and activities in a beautiful outdoor setting, the trip to camp produces memories that will last a lifetime! Our activities this year included canoeing, making our own fires, horseback riding, and climbing the 50 foot tower. Above are a few highlights from this year’s trip.

Karner Blue GeographyTo prepare for their geography test, these children used sticky notes to label islands, bodies of waters, and other items. They were definitely ready when it was time for the test!

With writer’s notebooks in hand, the children of Karner Blue spent time outside to do some journaling about fall. They have enjoyed this peaceful time to write!

journal karner bluejournal karner bluejournal karner blue