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Karner Blue


Andrew Sautter

Jenny Kettler

Jenny Kettler

Karner Blue Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Jenny Kettler and Andrew Sautter are the classroom’s co-teachers.

As the new school year gets underway, it is the perfect time to share with new Upper Elementary parents and remind returning UE parents about sharing treats and celebration foods in the classroom.  While birthday snacks and other celebration foods are welcome in the UE classrooms, we do ask for some advanced notification when possible.  If you plan to bring special food into the classroom to share, please let us know and include packaged ingredient lists when possible or recipes with a full ingredient lists.  Advanced notification of shared food and ingredient lists can help ensure all students are prepared to participate in enjoying special treats and celebration foods.

Upper Elementary students were treated to an educational activity today by the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  Students heard the story called A Drop Around the World written by Barbara McKinney.  This story follows the cycle a single droplet of water may follow as it travels from the ocean to clouds to underground and more while in solid, liquid, and vapor form.  Then each student experienced their own unique journey as a drop of water as they moved from station to station according to a die roll with each station representing a different destination for a water droplet. Students were able to build bracelets with color-coded beads marking their own unique path through the water cycle.  This engaging afternoon built upon the current UE theme of “conservation” and continued the water conservation discussion from the year’s opening ceremonies.  Thanks to the Toledo Botanical Gardens for this engaging lesson!


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Upper Elementary students had an opportunity to watch a monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis in the classroom and take flight outdoors into its new home.  The process was quick and educational to observe.  Thanks to Natalie and Lily for sharing this experience with us.

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Today, the Karner Blue classroom combined with Monarch to celebrate the opening ceremonies of the school year.


The theme of the year is “conservation” and students enjoyed a lesson learning about the need to conserve water.



A story was told about a clean lake which became polluted over time and students added “pollutants” to the water as the story progressed.

Next, students worked in groups to explore ways to remove pollutants from the water to make it cleaner.



The ceremony concluded with the lighting of the candles to signify the official start to the academic school year.


We all look forward to an exciting year promoting a love of learning!


The students have arrived on the first day of classes for the year and eagerly begin their work.

The students eagerly begin working on their first day of classes.