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Karner Blue

Andrew Sautter

Andrew Sautter

Jenny Kettler

Jenny Kettler

Karner Blue Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Jenny Kettler and Andrew Sautter are the classroom’s co-teachers.

The sixth level students in Upper Elementary have recently concluded their colonization work with the Discover simulation. Taking top honors was the government colony, First Capital. The members of First Capital shared that their strategy was to acquire land. They also felt that good luck with accumulating food in early rounds and receiving additional supplies from the government helped them gain items that were needed for trading.

Taking second place was Atlas, a private company colony. The members felt that they traded successfully which helped them build up their land wealth. However, they found it was much more difficult to take land from other colonies.

Congratulations to First Capital and Atlas for establishing colonies that thrived and met the many challenges of the simulation!

First Capital, a government colony, won the Discover simulation.

First Capital, a government colony, won the Discover simulation.

Second place went to Atlas, a private company colony.

Second place went to Atlas, a private company colony.

On May 8, Karner Blue enjoyed opening the classroom to visits from grandparents and special friends. The children led visitors through different activities like Hunters and Gatherers, Kabludiga, and Multiplitastic and even trail walks in the woods. Andrew had many questions during a spirited game of Generational Trivia which was narrowly won by the children. Jenny manned the Karner Blue Photo Booth with its wacky props. This event is a favorite for everyone!

Maya 2 Eric 1

Jack 1 Pancho

Maya  S 1 Shereen Dina Sailer 1

Allison Paige 1 Athena 2

John 2 Lily 1 Sailer 2

Lily 3 Harshil 1

Oliver 1 Chianna 1

Harshil 3 Joey 2

John 3 Alec 1

Ainsley 1 Alec 3 Jacob and Jack 1

Gabe 1 Katie 1

Chianna 3 Adam and Nisreen 1

Max 2 Ainsley 3

Noah 2 Jacob and Jack 4

You’re Invited to Scratch Day

Coordinated by Katie and Maureen Metzger


  • When: Wednesday, May 6, from 3:30 – 5 p.m.
  • Where: Toledo Campus East Building Tech Lab
  • Who: 3rd – 6th level
  • What: Scratch Day is a day for students who want to learn Scratch, or have already learned it. There will be many activities for students without accounts, and anyone with a Scratch account will be able to share some of their projects in a show-and-tell.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a programming language for kids developed at MIT. There is a website for kids to learn scratch programming and share their projects. It is very simple and easy, but is sometimes used to make very complicated projects. Some Scratchers like to post art or animations on scratch, while others post games, simulations, or stories.

If you are interested in attending, please email

This school year continues to race by.  The students remain hard at work!  Academic Updates for the 3rd trimester have been sent home in student backpacks this past Friday. The final full month of classes is just around the corner!  Here is a peek at just a few of the many activities students have been involved with over the past 30 days.



Internal vs. External Skeletal Structure

4th Level students discovered benefits and drawbacks for animals with internal skeletal structures and external.  They used blocks to build a protective shell around their balloon “organ” but found the structure limited flexibility, like a mollusk.  They found an internal skeletal structure helped to space organs out and increased flexibility at the cost of leaving the organ a bit more exposed.

20150324_110612 20150326_102523 20150324_11060420150326_102512 20150324_110526


Caves of Lascaux

Students in French class learned about the ancient cave paintings found in Lascaux, France in 1940.  They shared their knowledge with others through information stations.  Here are a few pictures from their presentations.


Spring is Finally Here! 

Students can enjoy the warmer temperatures and a welcomed lack of snow!

20150316_152003 20150316_151949 20150316_15183620150316_151753

Time for Worm Dissection

After studying the benefits of earthworms and their internal and external parts, the 4th Level students put their knowledge to use by locating those parts on real earthworms.  By comparing and contrasting the simple systems of the earthworm with the more complex systems of the bullfrog (coming up soon), students will be able to make connections to the human body systems during their 6th level studies.

20150325_112221 20150325_112208  20150325_112031  20150325_112200 20150325_111623

Neanderthal Dioramas

After studying the Neanderthals, fourth level students constructed their own model of a Neanderthal shelter by making a shoe box diorama. These models were then shared with the group.

April 28 021 April 28 030

April 28 028 April 28 024 April 28 017

April 28 019 April 28 013

April 28 063 April 28 033

April 28 035  April 28 059

Spring Fundraiser Classroom Auction Project

Students participated in the creation of an awesome patio cooler to be auctioned during West Side’s Spring Fundraiser: Oaked, on Saturday, May 9 at 6:00pm in the Fifth Third Center at One Seagate.  This wonderful idea came from a Karner Blue parent and was constructed by a grandparent.  Then, the students eagerly contributed by sanding and painting the piece.  But it’s not just a cooler heading to the auction.  Students personalized an accompanying tray and more by decorating them with selfies.  Photos don’t do the cooler justice.  Plan to see the finished product, along with all the accessories, at the fundraiser.  Come check it out on May 9th.

20150416_093740 20150416_09550020150416_145704 20150416_150655  20150416_142529  20150416_103211 20150416_10382420150416_142310 20150416_132024  20150416_10063320150416_130350  20150423_132120  20150423_131623 20150423_131627

Walk Two Moons

Fifth level students have begun reading Walk Two Moons. For their reading discussions, they are in two small groups, and a student is leading the discussion with questions that she or he has prepared ahead of time. During the discussions, the students also complete an activity or share an activity that extends the understanding of the novel.

April 28 075 April 28 080 April 28 078 April 28 079

Discover Simulation

Sixth level have continued to expand their colonies in the New World throughout the month of April with the Discover Simulation. There has been a lot of trading with the Native Americans and other colonies as well as attempts to take land from other established colonies. Colonists have also been keeping careful records of their colony’s progress.

April 28 011April 28 009April 28 012

Earth Day

The Upper Elementary Environmental Club teamed with the Spirit Committee to create fun activities to celebrate Earth Day throughout the whole week.  Spirit Committee designated Tuesday to be the day to wear green or blue to show support for the conservation of Earth and its resources.  A coin drive began to raise funds to support the local Nature’s Nursery as they help the local wildlife.  Tuesday was declared “Zero Waste” Day as Spirit Committee members promoted the benefits of packing reusable, recyclable, and compostable lunches.  The Environmental Club organized activities including making butterfly feeders, leading a butterfly scavenger hunt in the woods, and playing a game which teaches the effects of destroying the ecosystems of butterflies.  These activities were successful in raising awareness of the environment while also being fun.

20150422_141721 20150422_14223520150422_142225 20150422_14225220150422_142724 20150422_14381220150422_14375420150422_143039 20150422_14332320150422_143148 20150422_142834 20150422_14345420150422_143339 20150422_14291620150422_144927 20150422_145458 20150422_14563420150422_145501 20150422_14550220150422_145547 20150422_145507    20150422_14534420150427_121152(0)



Coins for Conservation: Nature’s Nursery

The Upper Elementary Spirit Committee has decided to extend the coin drive collection until Friday, May 1st.  The Committee elected Nature’s Nursery as a deserving organization to receive donated spare coins and loose change.  Nature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Education is located in Whitehouse, Ohio.  Representatives from Nature’s Nursery have visited West Side classrooms to share information about the animals they help and conservation efforts.  Earlier this year, the center experienced a fire which damaged a part of the facility.  As West Side students feel a connection  with the center, the UE Spirit Committee wanted a chance to “give back.”

Collection jars are located in both Monarch and Karner Blue classrooms.

Looking Ahead

April’s Reading and Ascend logs are due this Friday, May 1st.  Your child should be finishing both logs and seeking a parent’s signature this week so the logs can be returned to the classroom on Friday.

Friday, May 1


Lower Elementary Songfest

7 p.m. – Toledo Campus Commons


Saturday, May 9


All West Side Montessori families from Little House through Middle School are invited to join us celebrate at our 31st annual Spring Fundraiser featuring food from Mancy’s Steakhouse, Domo Sushi, Registry Bistro and Rosie’s Italian Grille along with wine-tasting. Tickets can still be purchased online at


Friday, May 8 or Monday, May 11



Tuesday, May 12


Upper Elementary Ensemble & Middle School Band

Spring Concert

Toledo Campus Commons
7-8 p.m.


Thursday, May 14


9th Annual 5KDub Run, Walk, and Picnic

Please join us for our annual 5K/Fun walk and family picnic at Olander Park in Sylvania. Runners and walkers of all ages are welcome to participate. If you would like to just join us for dinner and fun, that’s an option too. Click here to make your reservation online. Event begins at 5:30 p.m.


Wednesday, May 20

Spring Sing

Spring Sing: Building a Better World

6:30 p.m. – University of Toledo Recital Hall
Perrysburg and Toledo Kindergarten Spring Concert