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Karner Blue


Andrew Sautter

Jenny Kettler

Jenny Kettler

Karner Blue Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Jenny Kettler and Andrew Sautter are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Eager to get outside on a beautiful day and explore plants a little closer, 5th-level students took mini portable microscopes and headed into the woods.  Leaves, flowers, grass, and bark all look quite a bit different up close.  Their study of plants will take them into the snowy months so a warm day to explore was a welcome break from the classroom lessons.

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Armed with mini portable microscopes and enthusiasm, the 6th-level students took to the woods in search of life in the Fungi Kingdom.  And there were many examples to find.  A variety of fungi were found growing on trees, fallen limbs, and from the ground.  A young toad even made an appearance which lead students to discovering a purple mushroom.  It was a fun experience which will help connect to lessons back in the classroom.  Now, if only that slice of bread in the bag would mold…

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With the International Day of Peace on Sunday, September 21, the Upper Elementary classrooms celebrated this event on Friday, September 19.  The day was marked by face painting, music, and activities.  While “Peace Train” played in the background, students made peace bracelets by rotating through six “peace stations” collecting colored beads.  Each station offered information related to either a leader of peace or background information about a symbol of peace.

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A couple of 6th level students practice their knowledge on the Roman Numeral 1-100 Board.           A 5th level student applies PEMDAS to her order of operation work.  One thing most can agree on:  “Math can be fun!”

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Following the Great Lesson presentation, students had the opportunity to research a topic of their choice to present to their peers.  The Great Lesson Research topics included koala bears, sharks, Italy, horse racing, owls, capybaras, hippopotami, precious metals, and many more.  While the 6th and 5th level students have had practice with such presentations before, this was a great chance for the 4th level students to experience peer-learning in Upper Elementary.

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