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Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Monarch Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Parenting the Montessori Elementary Child

Does your child follow the ground rules at school, but constantly challenge your expectations at home?

Join WSM Head of School Lynn Fisher for a four-week class: Parenting the Montessori Elementary Child. See below for details and register online TODAY at or stop by the Toledo Campus office for a paper registration form.


Members of the Monarch Room have been busy cleaning, transplanting, and planting seeds in our UE garden.  Our raised beds were weeded. We used composted material from student’s lunches to help fertilize the beds.  We’ve planted radishes, lettuce, and spinach.  Those are all vegetables that have a plant to harvest time of less than 45 days.  We are hoping to harvest our first crop before summer break and have a delicious garden party with our harvested vegetables.   We will then plant a summer crop that will be ready just in time for our return to school.

We also have been raking and cleaning out our butterfly garden.  We have trimmed the butterfly bushes.  Many of our perennials are coming up again including our milkweed.  Monarch students will also be reseeding the garden with butterfly friendly flowers once again this year.






The 4th level Monarch recently did a frog dissection. We did a frog booklet. First, we did an external examination. We looked at and felt the skin. We also broke the frog’s jaws and stuck our finger in the frog’s mouth and took out the tongue. Our teacher, Fran, gave us an external examination paper. We had to fill it out with our partners. The next day, we did an internal examination. We cut through the frog’s skin and opened up its body. We had to find and name all the internal organs. We saw the heart, liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, eggs (inside the female), and blood vessels. We had lots of fun!!!









Sixth level students recently completed their study of the 13 original colonies. For their Colonial Share Fair, they chose different projects to complete such as researching products of the colonies, creating models of a New England town or southern plantation, making dipped candles, or making homemade applesauce.

Prior to the share fair, students researched the colonial regions, made a map of the colonies, and created a timeline of when colonies were established. The students also have been meeting to participate in the Discovery Simulation, which simulates establishing a colony in the New World. Sixth level parents and all Upper Elementary students were invited to the share fair.

Click here for a gallery of projects and presentations.






The Monarch and Karner Blue students perform in Pirates! IMG_0032IMG_0031IMG_0030