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Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Monarch Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast are the classroom’s co-teachers.

Last week was Montessori Education week and the Monarch classroom celebrated in many ways.  In addition to participating in “Find the Missing Marias” scavenger hunt, the Monarchs showed their school spirit by wearing WSM spirit wear, and wore clothing from Maria Montessori’s time for “Way-Back Wednesday”.  We also spent some time in the Children’s House reading and working with the younger children.  A good time was had by all!


The Monarch students enjoyed a snowy day outdoors by building snowmen.  Working in groups, students were asked to bring in one item each for their snowman.  The result was some really adorable snowmen and a whole lot of fun!  The children each wrote a story about their snowman.  They are hanging in the west hallway outside of the Commons.  Check them out!





The Monarch classroom had a very busy December!  In addition to baking gingerbread in the kitchen, children worked together in groups to practice and perform the folktales “A Donkey to Market” and “Moonlight and Sunlight”. They had a great time making props, memorizing lines, and performing for their peers!  They even got to eat the gingerbread afterwards.  unnamedMcKenzie20141219_14284620141219_141631


These girls carefully remove the insides of their pharaoh. The pharaoh’s body is an orange and her head, a potato!

As part of their study of ancient civilizations, the fifth level students are researching and mummifying of a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.  Students have learned about the process of mummification, and why it was so important in Ancient Egyptian culture.  In these pictures, students act as “wetyu,” or embalming assistants.  This is the first step in the mummification process.



On Tuesday, November 25, the students of the Monarch Room had a traditional Pilgrim feast.  The students learned about the hardships of the Pilgrims through reading the book, Eating the Plates.  In addition to eating such Pilgrim delicacies as succotash stew, corn soup, bannock cakes, bearberry jelly, and swizzle, the students also learned some Pilgrim phrases.  Children were given the name of an actual Pilgrim who was present at the First Thanksgiving to research and assumed his or her identity throughout the feast.  Fare thee well!


Student research is shared at the feast.