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Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast

Monarch Room is an Upper Elementary classroom for levels 4-6 on the Toledo Campus. Kristin McEachern and Fran Pancoast are the classroom’s co-teachers.



The students of the Monarch classroom worked together to put together a Harvest Celebration on Wednesday, October 29 . Everyone had a great time!  Fourth level students worked together, (with help from elder students) to bring in food, fifth level decorated the room, and sixth level planned and ran the games. There turned out to be a lot of candy won and earned from the games, so the students kept five pieces each.  The class then donated the rest.  The students gave back and had a great time at this year’s Harvest Celebration.

Written by: Sarah, Sixth grade student



Sixth Level Game Committee and Costume Contest Winners


Monarch students in their harvest attire.


Scary story read with a flash light and the lights off.

IMG_0039 (2)

Cat lady reading her story by flashlight.


This scary story author has glowing eyes.


This scary story author’s face has an eerie glow.

IMG_0046IMG_0049IMG_0043IMG_0042 (2)IMG_0045

The following website is a great resource for students to use when searching for AR books. The website gives the Reading Grade Level, AR book points, and a description of the book.  Check it out here.


The students of the Monarch Room have been busy planning our annual Harvest Celebration. The celebration will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 29, from 2-3 p.m. in the classroom.

Keeping with tradition, the students have elected to keep the same committees as in previous years. The fourth level students are on the food committee, the fifth level students are on the decoration committee, and the sixth level students are on the game committee.

A sixth and fifth level student have been working with the fourth level students to help them plan the menu. All fourth level students have signed up to bring something to contribute to the celebration. This information should be in your child’s backpack. If you have any questions or you are unable to supply an item, please let the teachers know as soon as possible so that we may make other arrangements.

Your child may dress in costume to the party, however, they may not wear their costumes to school. Time will be given for those who wish to wear a costume to change into it. Please refrain from scary or gory costumes. Also, no play guns, knives, light sabers, etc. will be permitted.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Research Process Developed During Independent Investigations

At the Upper Elementary level, an Independent Investigation (II) is an independent research project. The time span for this project is 6-8 weeks. Due dates are “chunked” to support children with time management.

During the II, children are guided through the entire process of doing a research report. These skills are discussed and taught during the II:

  • Choosing a topic that is neither too broad nor too specific
  • Selecting appropriate books
  • Recording information for a works cited page
  • Finding relevant facts and recording facts on note cards
  • Categorizing information to develop a graphic organizer or outline
  • Writing a rough draft from a graphic organizer or outline
  • Writing an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph
  • Revising and editing the rough draft
  • Developing a final draft that includes a cover page, title page, and works cited page

presentationAs part of the Independent Investigation, each child will deliver a presentation to share the information that s/he has learned. Skills for the presentation include:

  • Preparing speech note cards
  • Delivering a speech to a group
  • Creating a visual aid (poster) to display information in an eye-catching way

For this trimester, sixth level will research Native American tribes and fourth and fifth level children will be researching animals. Information to include in the report is:

  • Fourth Level – physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior
  • Fifth Level – physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior, reproduction

Students will present their research during the week of December 8. Watch details on how you can watch the presentations.