Iris Room

Cheryl Pocrnich

Cheryl Pocrnich

Kelly Carver

Kelly Carver

Iris Room is a Little House classroom for ages 2-3 years old on the Toledo Campus. Kelly Carver and Cheryl Pocrnich are the classroom’s co-teachers.


IMG_0866     Horray!!!  Warmer weather has finally arrived and we hope it is here to stay! As you can see, everyone is excited to get back outside!  The introduction to  Soccer shots was a huge hit!

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IMG_0802     Not only have the children  enjoyed being outside, they have been equally busy since Spring vacation, choosing very challenging work. Just before Spring vacation, metal insets were introduced. Your child may have been bringing home colored pieces of paper on which they have used a colored pencil to draw a curvilinear triangle or an oval. The insets help them to trace these shapes. It takes patience and coordination to hold the inset still with one hand, while using the pencil to trace it with the other hand. This is also good practice for their pencil grasp and future hand writing.

IMG_0877     In the sensorial area, the pink tower has made its debut! The tower consists of ten solid wooden cubes in equally incremental size from 1cm to 1000cm cubed. At this age, it is used to help develop coordination, concentration and to increase awareness of dimension.  The children start by placing a rug on the floor. They begin to carry each cube one at a time and place it on their rug. The next challenge is to find the largest cube and begin to build the tower from largest to smallest. It takes a lot of concentration and coordination to build this tower, especially when placing the smallest cube on top. The children are so proud of themselves when the tower has been built. The tower is then taken down one cube at a time and returned to its place for another friend to try. (This in itself takes a lot of control. At this age it is quite tempting to knock it down!)

IMG_0822     A sign of spring waddled in front of us as we were taking a walk before spring break! If you look closely, you can see two mallard ducks waddling across the path where we were walking. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch them for a few minutes as we tried to guess which one was the mommy(the brown one) and which one was the daddy(the one with pretty colors). More excitement followed as we heard them quacking as we walked away! Another sure sign, spring is here!




Starting Date Moved Back a Week

Parenting Young Children – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)

Do you need a system for effective parenting? You are invited to attend a six-week STEP parenting class (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting). This class is targeted for parents of children from birth to age six (6).


The STEP class will be held on Tuesdays at the Toledo Campus in Central Park from 6:30-7:30 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, April 15, through Tuesday, May 20.

There is no cost for the class. However, each family needs a copy of “Parenting Young Children” at a cost of $15. The books will be distributed before the first class.

Sign up by contacting Kathy Heckert at (419) 866-1931 to reserve a space. Class size is limited.


Take a peek at what fun we all had last week with the new snowfall!  Everyone was very excited to get outside and explore the snow.  The children were busy eating snow, tossing snow balls, making snow angels, and not only building a snowman, but tasting him as well!

We ended our week with an Irish Dance demonstration(compliments of our own Rose room teacher Molly Kujawa and her girls) and a group sing a long.  The children really enjoyed “the unicorn song.”

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parent surveyWest Side Montessori is in the process of being re-accredited by the American Montessori Society. This is a title that WSM is very proud to have as one of only five schools Ohio and of 126 schools nationally who have this special recognition!

An important part of the process to retain the accreditation is to offer an anonymous parent survey which allows families to express their opinions about our school, including our strengths and areas of improvement. Every opinion counts!

Please take a few moments to complete the specific campus – Perrysburg or Toledo – by clicking a link below to participate. Complete the general questions and then skip to the program-specific questions that pertain to each of your children.  Your comments are welcome.

Perrysburg Campus Families

Toledo Campus Families

If done online, follow the directions to print off the “Thank You” page at the end of the survey, add your name, and return it to school. In doing so, you will earn two free hours of child care for your child!  Your survey will still be submitted anonymously. Paper copies also are available at the front desk or you can complete an online survey using a laptop set up in the lobby.

Thank you for your continued support of West Side Montessori.

IMG_0672     Has your child come home with mysterious rectangles of paper in his backpack?  These may be the result of our new pin punching activity. A small carpet square, 5×5 piece of paper and an oversized push pin are the tools needed for this task.  There is a line drawn down the middle of the paper and taking the push pin in hand, the child pushes it through the paper, which rests on the carpet square.  Once he has punched all the way down the line,  a teacher helps separate the paper into two halves.  This activity is great for small muscle control, eye-hand coordination and the reinforcement of the pincer grasp, for the only way to punch successfully with the push pin is to hold it as you would a pencil.


IMG_0614     Cutting with scissors has also recently been introduced.  The children have been practicing cutting thin strips of card stock and then placing the pieces in a container on the shelf.  Although the use of scissors can be quite challenging for some, they are doing a  wonderful job.


IMG_0679      At the easel, the children were surprised to find two colors of paint.  They were even more excited to watch what happened when the blue mixes with the yellow, it makes green!




IMG_0668     Now that the children’s pouring skills are becoming stronger, we have added a more challenging work to the practical life area.  This is work that the children pour sand from one glass bottle to another using a funnel.


IMG_0678     A telephone on a table with a pencil and a pad of paper is not only prompting great phone conversations (ie: “How was your day?”, “Hi, mommy/daddy”), but also practicing the pencil grasp as notes are taken.




The children enjoyed celebrating Montessori Education week last week by working with lower elementary students throughout the week and joining in a school wide sing a long at the end of the week.  A lot of dancing and singing was enjoyed by all!

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