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Lilac Room

Bridgett Miller

Bridgett Miller

Janell Butts

Janell Butts

Lilac Room is a Little House classroom on the Toledo Campus. Janell Butts and Bridgett Miller are the classroom’s co-teachers.

A love of learning is nurtured best in spaces where children are encouraged to explore. Our Montessori classroom provides many materials that invite natural curiosity and appeal to the child’s senses. Having an outdoor space that serves as an extension to the classroom is an unique part of the Lilac Room and Iris Room. Our sensory garden was launched over the summer with the help of friends and family volunteering their time to create this peaceful space that stimulates the five senses.





And Now…



From the patio shelf children can choose special work – magnify glasses, binoculars, sidewalk chalk, watering cans, digging tools, window washing, fence painting, rock scrubbing, bubbles – all can be used on the patio and/or in the garden.


This raised bed houses a Butterfly Bush and Milkweed that has attracted Monarch Butterflies.


We have collected the caterpillars and are patiently waiting for a butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis.


Children can choose to sit and look at nature books or walk around with plant identification books.


Some plants in the garden provide seasonally vibrant colors (tulips, daisies, and mums). Other plants provide sweet fragrances (lavender and mint) or provide textures to appeal to the sense of touch (Lamb’s Ear).



Even the sense of sound is present in the garden (wind chimes, tree stump pounding work, and occasionally instruments being played in the music room).


Looking forward to providing a stimulating journey that will flourish a love of learning.


Thursday, Sept. 4 • 8:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. at Toledo Campus

pink towerMontessori education is designed to maximize development of your young child’s brain power. How?

Join Head of School, Lynn Fisher, at September’s First Thursday as she unlocks the secrets of how an authentic Montessori program works. Little House & Children’s House parents are invited to attend this monthly program held at the Toledo Campus. This month’s event is Thursday, Sept. 4, from 8:30-9:30 a.m. and again from 3:45-4:45 p.m. Come and discover your child’s super powers!

First Thursday is a monthly parent education program presented by West Side Montessori faculty. Any family is welcome to attend! First Thursdays are opportunities for parents in our community to learn more about Montessori through the eyes of children, teachers, and other Montessori parents.

Make plans to come, meet other parents, and learn more about the Montessori method.

Learn more about Little House and Children’s House through West Side Montessori’s First Thursday event at the Toledo Campus. It is a monthly parent education program that discusses a different topic each month. Plan to attend one or more of the following 2014-15 dates:

Sept. 4
Montessori 101 with Head of School Lynn Fisher

Oct. 2
Beyond the Continent Song:
Understanding Montessori’s Approach to Geography

Nov. 6
Toy Shopping Tips:
Pick the Perfect Toys for Your Child

Dec. 4
Handwriting Without Tears

No First Thursday

Feb. 5
Tears and Tantrums

March 5
Unchildproof Your Home

April 2
Montessori Math

May 7
Ask a Teacher
Answers to Your Toddler Conundrums