Rose Room

Molly Kujawa

Molly Kujawa

Stacey Alfonso

Stacey Alfonso

Rose Room is a Little House classroom for ages 2-3 years old on the Toledo Campus. Stacey Alfonso and Molly Kujawa are the classroom’s co-teachers.



It was so nice to have warm weather again!  We took advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperatures this week.  We opened up the patio and the children were invited to work outside or inside.  They enjoyed the change of scenery.


Soccer Shots came to visit this week!  The Rose Room friends had so much fun learning about soccer.  You can sign your child up for this after school activity by clicking here: Extracurriculars.


Thank you to Delaney for our adorable new picture.  One of our favorite songs is our “Hello” song.  We sing hello in different languages.  This beautiful picture features many of the languages we use.


Today we said goodbye to our friend, Letizia.  Her family is moving to Peru.  The children all had a chance to say goodbye.  We wish them well.


  • No school Friday, April 18
  • Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day is Friday, May 2, for three-day and five-day children and Monday, May 5, for two-day children

Starting Date Moved Back a Week

Parenting Young Children – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)

Do you need a system for effective parenting? You are invited to attend a six-week STEP parenting class (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting). This class is targeted for parents of children from birth to age six (6).


The STEP class will be held on Tuesdays at the Toledo Campus in Central Park from 6:30-7:30 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, April 15, through Tuesday, May 20.

There is no cost for the class. However, each family needs a copy of “Parenting Young Children” at a cost of $15. The books will be distributed before the first class.

Sign up by contacting Kathy Heckert at (419) 866-1931 to reserve a space. Class size is limited.


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We had mud fun in the Rose Room!  Last week, our UT student, Mary, made “fake” mud for our sensory table.  She hid fish, frogs and turtles in the “mud” for the children to find.

Today we made “clean” mud from Ivory soap, toilet paper and water.  Our room smelled so clean!  We put Arctic animals in the table with the “mud.”  And, just in case your child isn’t getting enough mud inside, our outdoor playground has plenty!  Thank you for sending appropriate outdoor clothing.


Thank you to Elise for our adorable hedgehog door stop.  The children love our second Franklin!

Thank you to Lincoln and his grandma for the truck book donations.  Our truck books are well loved!

Next week is Spring Break.  We hope you have a safe and fun break.  There are so many family friendly activities in our Toledo area to check out.

Remember that a consistent routine is the key to a happy toddler.  So, even if you are enjoying day trips or a big vacation, keep a consistent routine.  Maintain nap times and bed times as well as regular meal times.  It will make your vacation more enjoyable for all!  Also, toddlers have their own speed.  For them it is often about the journey not the destination.  A one block walk to the park may take 30 minutes!  A toddler wants to take in all the sites on the way!  This is a great opportunity to build vocabulary.  Get down to your child’s eye level and see the world as (s)he sees it.

Take time to read to your child over the break.  Spend plenty of time snuggled up with simple board books.  Bake or cook with your toddler.  They love to pour and stir.  Simple activities are so meaningful when they are shared with the people they love.

We will see you in April!

parent surveyWest Side Montessori is in the process of being re-accredited by the American Montessori Society. This is a title that WSM is very proud to have as one of only five schools Ohio and of 126 schools nationally who have this special recognition!

An important part of the process to retain the accreditation is to offer an anonymous parent survey which allows families to express their opinions about our school, including our strengths and areas of improvement. Every opinion counts!

Please take a few moments to complete the specific campus – Perrysburg or Toledo – by clicking a link below to participate. Complete the general questions and then skip to the program-specific questions that pertain to each of your children.  Your comments are welcome.

Perrysburg Campus Families

Toledo Campus Families

If done online, follow the directions to print off the “Thank You” page at the end of the survey, add your name, and return it to school. In doing so, you will earn two free hours of child care for your child!  Your survey will still be submitted anonymously. Paper copies also are available at the front desk or you can complete an online survey using a laptop set up in the lobby.

Thank you for your continued support of West Side Montessori.

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How does a pineapple taste?  Is it sweet?  Spicy?  What does it smell like?  How does the outside of the pineapple feel?  Pokey?  The children answered all these scientific questions today with Stacey.  Simply learning to observe and describe the pineapple is the beginnings of scientific analysis (as well as a tasty lesson).


The children were so happy to get back outside on the playground!  Please send snow pants, snow boots, warm coat, hats and mittens for outdoor play.

Jackie is still here…no baby yet!  Stay tuned!  On another baby note…there must be something in the Rose Room water because our Stacey is having a baby, too!  She is due in July!  (No Molly is not having a baby!}


It’s hard to believe, but Summer is only a few months away!  Come join Stacey and Molly for Summer at West Side!  Registration begins April 1st.