Rose Room

Molly Kujawa

Casey Czubek

Rose Room is a Little House classroom for ages 2-3 years old on the Toledo Campus. Casey Czubek and Molly Kujawa are the classroom’s co-teachers.



6th level interns move logs so we can look for bugs!


We found a mama duck laying on her eggs! We can’t wait to see the ducklings.


Rose Room friends enjoyed watching Upper El friends load the bus for their field trip.

Spring is here and Rose Room is enjoying it!  We are venturing out to the woods, basketball courts, soccer fields and peace garden.  We ask that you apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to school each morning.  We have Coppertone Baby SPF 50 to reapply as needed.  You will need to fill out and return the topical ointment form (available online).

Summer Camp teachers have been busy planning fun activities!  Registration is available online.

Grandparents Day is quickly approaching.  May 6th and May 9 (for 2 day students).  We realize that many of our Rose friends have siblings.  Keep in mind that saying good bye to grandparents may be difficult for some friends.  It may be easier for them if grandparents visit at the end of the morning and can dismiss with their toddler.  If you don’t have siblings, grandparents will simply come and stay in Rose room.  Please prepare grandparents and inform them that their grandchild may act differently then he/she normally does.  This is out of their routine and can be overwhelming.  We love having grandparents and special guests visit, and their toddlers do too.

mud liscous

Rose Room friends enjoy our many outdoor experiences.  On a gentle rainy day we  may venture out for a worm walk.  On a breezy day we may hike in the woods and enjoy listening to the wind in the trees.  On a sunny day we may enjoy the challenge of the big steps over at the West building.

We are just as busy exploring our world inside the classroom.  New work choices include: hair washing,  clementine peeling and buttering crackers.  The children are also learning to take off their own shoes, put them in their cubby and put on their rain boots.  We have friends learning how to use the potty too!

Please remember to send a complete change of clothes, including socks, daily.  If your child is potty training, please send a few changes of clothes.  If you would like to send “mud pants” we had a parent find some light weight pants at Carters that slip right over the clothes.  We can keep them at school.

It is hard to believe we only have two more months left in our school year!  West Side has some fun events just around the corner including our Spring Fundraiser and the K-Dub.  Summer camp registration will be open soon.  Summer camp is a great way to maintain routine and consistency for your toddler and will encourage a smooth transition into their new classrooms next Fall.


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What do our children learn from the outdoors?  They learn balance, coordination, cooperation, independence, perseverance and respect.  They also learn math skills, life cycle of plants and animals, and about weather.  They also learn that if they fall down, they have the ability to get themselves up, brush themselves off and try again.

Just a reminder that our playground has amazing puddles and mud puddles.  We will allow the children to explore our playground fully.  Please send a complete change of clothes daily.  Thank you.

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Where does your child work? Yes, that’s right, work. All of the beautifully arranged classroom materials in our Little House rooms are work. Sure, some may look like toys and may even be identical to activities you have at home, but please remember that “a child’s play is his work.”

Lets take a look at our classroom.

Practical life is the cornerstone of the Montessori classroom.  The activities contained here are daily living exercises that help your child learn to pour wet and dry ingredients, spoon, scoop, ladle, tong, use clothes pins, spray, wipe, take care of the environment and of himself.  While doing all of this work your child is strenghening the muscles of his hand and wrist, which will help prepare him for handwriting. He is also preparing himself for life.

The Sensorial area of the classrom challenges your child’s senses.  She will learn shape, colors, how to sort and grade objects from largest to smallest, work on sound discrimination, touch and smell. Of the cylinders and cubes your child will be grading, there are 10, because we are on the base 10 math system.

Many children rote count and the math area can reinforce that.  What the math area introduces and focuses on is the concept of quantity and symbol.  It is introduced by saying “This says one;this is one.” Our math area can take the children as far as they show us they want to go.

Language is all emcompassing in our classrooms.  Since it is still emerging in many children, language is used in all areas of the classroom for the introduction of new vocabulary. Once the initial sound books are out, the children are exposed not only to letter names, but also more importantly, to the sounds the letters make.

Art for creativity’s sake is teaching the use of  paint, markers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, stickers and stamps, while allowing the child the joy of creating his own artwork. He is also reinforcing the correct pencil grasp and practicing writing skills, not to mention just plain enjoying himself!

Our science area introduces the children to glimpses of our world. We begin with our classroom fish and expand with plants, shells, and other living and non-living things.

The manipulatives may look like toys and only toys, but as mentioned before, they are work. They work the muscles of your child’s hands, strengthening the muscles of her hands and wrists, developing and refining her fine motor skills.

So, where does your child work?  Pretty much everywhere!

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Rose room friends have fun inside and out!