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Under the Sea

Posted on by Sassafras

P4223765As we concluded our study of Australia, we took a closer look at the life surrounding this amazing continent. During our small group lessons the children were introduced to some of the landmarks of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef being one.

Many of the children were so interested in the reef and all of the animals that live there, we added a whole shelf of work about the ocean. Children could examine shells and try to identify them in a shell book. We were able to identify many of the shells on the shelf! Several matching works were added. The children were able to learn the names of various creatures that live in the ocean - crabs, sea turtles, sharks, rays, sea dragons, starfish, and many more. Books about ocean animals filled the book shelf. The children would sit and look so carefully at the beautiful pictures in these books. Also on the shelf were two nomenclature works; one that named the parts of a fish and one that named the parts of a shark. There are a lot of parts to each of these animals!

Many of the children love to pin punch, so of course we had to add ocean pin punching work to the shelf as well. We had our own ocean in the room with whales, dolphins, fish and seahorses.

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