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Week 2- Dinosaurs!

Posted on by Samantha Marvin

Week 2 is well underway here at Children’s House camp! We have been having lots of fun learning about dinosaurs and paleontology.  We have had a few fossil digs in the large sandbox outside, which the children really enjoyed! We learned how paleontologists use special tools and brushes to carefully search for dinosaur bones and fossils. The children found fossils and were able to use a hammer and chisel to find a special dinosaur inside. The children loved this activity!

Our campers have also been learning that at one point, Ohio was under water and that we have fossils called brachiopods all around us! We have had a few work choices that allow the children to explore brachiopods. One of the work choices included a large rock from Fossil Park in Sylvania with several partial brachiopods on it. The children had the opportunity to spray and scrub the fossil and look at it with a magnifying glass.

We  have been reading some books about dinosaurs and have talked about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  Also, in the afternoon program, campers have had the opportunity to create their own dinosaur habitats!  There have also been many opportunities for outdoor activities including water play!

On Wednesday, we had some special visitors from the Sassafras room! Sarah Duvall, Sassafras co-teacher brought three frogs to visit! “Mud Bud,” “Candy Bud,” and “Rose Bud” were caught for by Sassafras students and have become a beloved observation area in their classroom! It was so much fun to see the frogs’ long tongues scoop up and swallow the mealworms they were fed. It was a real treat to see! Sarah was generous to allow us to keep the frogs in our classroom during camp for the children to observe. Thank you, Sassafras room!





Here are some fossil work choices this week:




And and our visit from Sarah Duvall and the Sassafras Frogs:


Here are our dinosaur habitats in-the-making!


…and more Montessori fun!


Thank you, Campers for making camp so much fun!

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